Monday, May 9, 2011

May Artful bag challenge!!

For our May challenge we are making paper purses again. I couldn't help it I just kept looking at the kleenex box in my bedroom thinking I know I can make a little purse out of that. The pattern is a real pretty green with white designs. I took the sides and cut them off and glued them together. Then I took some old lace I had and trimmed the bottom and up at the top by the handle. I made the handle out of some silver wire that I strung an old white necklace on I bought back last summer that was broken. I glued a shiny white button for the clasp. I love how this little purse turned out. It measures 3 inches tall x 4 inches wide. I decided to get some pictures of it outside with the only flowers I have in bloom!!

This little purse reminds me of Spring and I will be putting it in my bedroom! Look around, you never know what you will find!! XO Fran.