Monday, January 21, 2013

My Thank You Tag!!

Wanted to share my "Pretty In Pink" tag I made with you. This one is a thank you tag and her favorite color is pink. I make my own tags from manila folders that the city school was gonna throw out!! Oh no I can use them!! I cut them and then coffee dye them in my special mixture. They never turn out the same and I love that about them. I have been using my vintage typewriter that Sim got me for them and whatever I have around here. I love this pic and had a few printed out in my desk! So I had everything I needed. I miss going to the sales but I am trying to use what I have for everything right now. My studio is a mess and it's my own fault!! LOL Now I said it I gotta clean up so I can share pics with you. It is a very recycled/upcycled room and that is what I love about it!
I have made a few new things and have to put the finishing touches on them and then I can share them. Seems like I have been super busy and didn't think I had anything to share until now!! LOL
Peace out, XOXO Love ya, Fran.