Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feeling a little Raggedy!!!!

 Well since I have been feeling alittle raggedy myself lately I thought I would share pics of my Raggedy Dolls I have. These are in my diningroom and I have collected them over the years. I love them. Most have come from Ebay or local craft shows. Some are even from my thrifting. This is my black wrought iron corner shelf. This room is kinda in Americana mainly becuz I have cherries in my kitchen. I love many styles!! LOL I am very eclectic!! The chalkboard is made by a really good friend of mine. Kaitlin got it for me from a craft show she was in. And if you can see the medal on it I won it two years ago in a 5 K walk I was in and I came in 2nd place in my age group! I am very proud of it. 

I also have a my collection of red vintage sewing and quilt stuff on here.

 I have a love of old hats as you know. I loved the colors in this old hat box and the red hat I added cherries to. The shoes are vintage and are sitting on an old rag rug. I love my Mr. Peanut bank. And I have a little black basket with my crocheted doilies and hot pads in. The black top hat belonged to Sim's Dad. I just put some cherries around it. I love cherries!!!

And I would have to say this is probably my most favorite doll. I love the cherries on her. I got her on Ebay. She is pretty big. And that yellow farm chair is one of my favorite things too. Sim got it for me a few years ago for my birthday. I have a few more dolls but they are up on my hutch.

This is the last doll I got at an auction. She is very prim. She sits on an old thread spool. I got this wine bottle at the New Years eve party I was at. I wanted it cuz it is from Traverse City and has a bird, nest, and cherries on it. I knew I wanted this bottle for a plant. I am hoping I can get it to vine down and the roots to grow all through the glass part.
So that is alittle bit of one of my collection that I love. I am feeling alittle raggedy myself as I have a kidney stone and I'll be having surgery this Friday to break it up. Right now I am on the couch in a nest of four pillows. I really can't wait til this over. Kidney stones hurt!! I am kickin out a Raggedy Fran. Cat Doll that I just designed. I just gotta coffee dye her and make alittle bagg. Then I will share her with you. She has been helping me to keep my sanity! LOL I am hand sewing her like my Crows and Bluebird dolls. I could just handsew everything!! LOL Thanks for checkin out my collection.
XOXO Love, Fran. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012



Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday's Simple Pleasures!!! and here a CHICK there a CHICK everywhere a CHICK!!!

Today was such an awesome day!! I went and got my son Danny from the group home and took him out to Mickey D's, his favorite dining place and then we went to our special park and walked around!! We found this birds nest and I made a little nature bouquet out of dried flowers from there. It is still pretty brown and dead from the winter but I still love the beauty of it. A great day spent with Danny too!!

And here are some pics of my little chicks I am addicted to making!! I wanted to show you how sweet they are and how cute they are just about anywhere!! LOL

They are just about 2 inches big and I am hand sewing them. Which is fantastic for me!! Cuz I love it so much!! They are made from an old blanket!! I am trying to think of a way to make them into a nest and I think I've come up with alittle something and would like to sell some in my Etsy if I can. I did coffee dye one without any spices so that it wouldn't look dirty. But it's not dry yet so I don't know yet if I like it. When Brooke and I got back from taking Danny out we went for a walk and I found some more goodies down at the end of my street.

As you can see I found another birds nest and I have these cool little peat moss containers that I am trying to make up in to nests and found gatherings. To know me is to know I always have something I've found somewhere!! Usually rusty things or something from nature!! LOL So let me know what ya think of my little chicks!! I love making them and looking forward to making a gathering out them!! Will probably have it done tomorrow and will post pics!!
XOXO Love, Fran. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Don't Forget to wear your Green today!!!


Hope you are havin a great day and wearin green!! This is a tag I made for a swap I am in for the whole year. I love it! This is a very grubby tag and smells yummy!!  Our weather is just amazing here in Michigan and I know this for sure I am going outside today to play!!! I'm not sure what I'll do but it's gonna be fun what ever it is!! LOL I am making some little cutey pie chicks that I am upcycling from an old blanket and will post the pics soon. Trying to decide if I am going to coffee dye them or not. I asked Kaitlin and she said no, but she's 21 and in college. Maybe I'll come back and ask you guys!! LOL Have a great day!
XOXO Fran.   

Monday, March 12, 2012

I've got the Spring Fever!!!

I am so excited about this awesome weather we are having!! Everyone is talking about seeing the Robins back! And I am too! I saw my first one yesterday in the backyard!! This is my new Spring Bird Nest going in to my Etsy Shoppe. I did a Spring Craft Show this weekend and sold one of these. I have decided I like doing Fall Craft Shows better than Spring. Saturday was a beautiful day here in Mich and I think people were busy outside.  It seemed like it was really slow. But not an entire bust.

Here is another Birds Nests I made from alittle baby girls shoe. This is so darn adorable!! I love it! and had so much fun making it!! Sometimes it's hard to let these things go. LOL  I made this one two sided. It has a vintage button on one side and one of my little grubby tags that says "Nest" on the other side. This will also be available in my Esty Shoppe.

I love this little cutey too!! So Springy!!! Also heading to My Esty Shoppe! I am in a Spring Creative mood!! And that's good thing!!! LOL I am going to be making some more nests in spoons and in these sweet little girl shoes.

This is Papa Sim and Caylee Roxanne! Last Thursday we down to see Caylee and Ryan. In this pic they are both saying cheese!! She is so adorable! She'll be two next month! Hard to believe. We had pizza and she showed off for us and gave us lot's of hugs and kisses!! Notice how Papa and Caylee both have the Boggs blue eyes! I was hoping she would! I love being a Grandma and guess what! She called me Grannie Frannie! she put both together!! I was in heaven!!
Well I hope everyone is enjoying the Spring weather and getting the fever to get things done! I know I am. But now for me it's gonna be to create inside or go outside and work in the yard!! LOL
Love ya, XO Fran. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here's ROSiE!!!!!!

This is my "BlueBird" Raggedy Fran. doll that I have been talking about!! I have named her "ROSiE". That was my Mom's nick name. Her name was Rose Marie. Like I said one of the last calls to her was to tell her I had seen a bluebird on my porch looking in the window at me!! She told me it meant happiness to see one!! I hand sewed this entire doll also. I made the dress like a jumper and sewed vintage buttons on the shoulders. I made alittle undershirt out of muslin with 3/4 length sleeves. I looked up bluebirds and they have black eyes. The jumper is made out of some thrifted material I got but I thought was the perfect for the breast color. I grubbied all of this up with my special coffee/ spice mixture and added some molasses to.   

I will share her details with you. In this pic the necklas was a book mark that my Mom had.

The little bagg I made from grubby chenille with a grubby muslin strap. On the bagg I added a blue silk rose that I grubbied up also. The rose came from my Moms house. I added one of my little tags and wrote "ROSiE" on it. My Mom painted pictures a few years ago and that is how she signed them. I put the bagg on her with a rusty safety pin.

I am not going to be adding this doll to my Etsy shoppe. She is mine! It has been very healing for me to make her. But if anyone is interested in one I will take orders. I am making another Crow, and some Owls too. I will make another bluebird sometime but this one is special to me. I had bought all of the stuff to make her before my Mom passed. I am working on some things for this Saturday as I am in a Spring Fling Craft and Expo!! I was handpicked for it!! Yay for me cuz I love getting my craft on!! LOL Thanks for checking out my newest creation!!!
XOXO Love, Fran.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

My new pin keep and some other things I've been up to!!!

Here is my new pin keep. I got it from Wendy she sells on Artfire and I just love it. She is just 6" tall. In a great prim mustard with rusty pins. I am always losing my most favorite needle so I got her to keep it on.

This is my new glass pot I am using to grubby up my goodies now. It was my Moms. I love it cuz I can see in to it. That is a couple of my grubby doilies I am going to be listing. I used some old molasses I had. Boy does it help to make things darker and smell yummy!!

This is a bird nest in a spoon I have listed in my Etsy shoppe. I am thinking Spring!!!

And this is my new Sweet Vintage Spoon Pin Cushion. It is sweet and shabby chic. I used some grubbied up chenille and some pink vintage trim I had. I added some old buttons and silver pins to it. The pin cushion is only 3 inches. I just love the way it turned out!! I know I'll be making more of these!!
 I hope everyone is doing ok with the way this crazy weather has been! Been saying my prayers. We have two down sick here with colds and right down in bed. I am staying away from them! It is Sim and Brooke. I have a kidney stone and will be having surgery in a couple weeks to break it up. I know I shouldn't laugh but when it rains it pours! So I have decided to create! ALOT!!! LOL I am thinking Spring and I know alot of you are too!! Stay safe!
Love, XO Fran.