Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A hidden beauty and meet "Lu Lu"!!

We have a town not to far from us called Frankenmuth. Some of you may know it. It is made to be like a German town. It is one of the cleanest towns and full of beauty and good chicken dinners. We went there last night with my Mother in Law for Sim's birthday. It was on the 15th but she hadn't gotten with us yet. So Sim picked Frankenmuth to go to. We had the family style chicken dinner. Oh my goodness alot of food but oh so good. This is a pic of the herb garden I love there. I have been to Frankenmuth quite a few times so far this summer. It's only 15 minutes from here.

I thought this clock was kinda cool.

They also have these carriage rides you can take. They are kinda expensive but very cool to ride in and hear the history of the town.

This pic is kinda blurry but the shrub is made in to a chicken!! Cuz they're famous for the chicken dinners!! It is really cool and there are so many beautiful flowers. This is just a few. I never get tired of going there. In the winter they have beautiful ice sculptures. This town always has something going on. They are also known for their beers. German of course and many more!! LOL There are alot of gift shops too. And always lot's of tourists!! From near and far!!

 Meet "LU LU"!!

"LU LU" is my newest addition to thebagglady76 etsy shoppe!! My first one sold already!! "LU LU" is so cute. I added jewels to her. I love her bracelet and upcycled lady bug on her nose!! You can check out my etsy shoppe on my sidebar. I have been in a cleaning and creating mood lately!! LOL I hope it lasts!! The heat was so bad I didn't feel like doing much! But now that I've got my mojo back I am rockin n rollin!! But I did hear we are in for more heat this week!! Bummer!! LOL  Talk to ya later!! XOXO Love, Fran.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Upcycled and Made, and grown in MICH and a special meeting!!!

Check this out!! Sim made this for me from parts he has been getting this summer from places we have been thrifting and antiquing!!! He made this for me when we got home from vaca!! The bicycle wheel was separate, the handles, wheels, and seat also. He got the Vernor's crate on our vacation at a yard sale and the seat also. The Vernor's is a Flint, Mi company. I LOVE it!! I am going to just put some Faux Fall Flowers in it with this drought we are having I am not gonna chance real ones. Don't cha just love it!!!

Here is one of my biggest harvest from my Garden!! Our first two tomatoes!! I have been also harvesting my Parsley and eating alot of it. Here is what I made from the veges. Chicken legs with cut up veges in foil pockets. I had to use the stove instead of the grill cuz it started raining outside!! Happy dance for Rain!!! Oven did just fine!!! The only thing not from my garden was the yellow squash but was given to me. Kaitlin made garlic fries with the parsley. We had an awesome meal!! Cleaned house all day cuz the weather was amazing!! Kinda cool and just right to air out the house!! I feel so good getting something done!!! I am like everyone else looking forward to my favorite time of year Fall!!

And today was so awesome I got to meet Kaitlin's new boyfriend Chris!! He is so sweet and alittle shy but I really like him. He lives in Saginaw and they don't have a Red Robin there and he wanted to go to ours. Sim couldn't go cuz he was working. So I bought them lunch and enjoyed spending time with them. What a blessing!!
Hope everyone is getting rain too and enjoy alittle bit of relief from the heat!!
Have a great weekend.
XOXO Love, Fran.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey Girlfriends I'm Back~~~

I've been making THUMB PRINTS with Sim!!

So this little cutie cabin is where I have been!!

This is just one of the beautiful sunrises I woke up to!! We could only see the sunrise here. Canada is on the other side and they get to see the sunset!!
I rode my bike alot. I loved riding it all over town. Saving gas and being able to just hang out on the beach. I also did another 5K walk and I was so proud of myself!! I hadn't done one in 2 years and becuz of the heat I hadn't been walking here much at home either. BUT I did the walk only 39 seconds longer than my other one!! Oh yes I was proud!! Now I've got my mojo back for getting healthy and walking!! I needed this vaca so bad emotionally and I felt so close to God!! I got renewed and I feel ready to tackle the things I need to here. I am catching up on laundry and getting stuff done. We will be going on another one in a few weeks. It's my most favorite thing to do, we go to the Yard and Antique Sales around the Thumb of Michigan! I find my most favorite things!! It is a blast!! We stay at a Bed n Breakfast and I have become good friends with Christy the owner. She gives me a list of things to find for her cuz she is so busy that weekend her Inn is full!! She is an awesome cook!!

 I would like you to meet "Emmy Bleu" my newest farmgirl Raggedy Fran. doll. She is heading over to my Etsy Shoppe!! What cha think of her? I just love her hair!! She smells yummy too!
I missed everyone and I am trying to catch up!! I won a giveaway just before I left and I won one while I was gone. God is good and I feel so blessed!! When is God good? God is good all the time!! We kept saying this alot to each other while we were gone!! I also sold my cutie "Mud Pie" pig I showed you!! I am doing a happy dance all the way home!!! LOL
Love ya, XOXO Fran.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Been chillin on a Dirt Road!!

Hi there! I've sorta just been chillin with this heat wave going on!!

These are pics of me and Danny and Brooke at our favorite Veterans Park we go to when we spend our time together. I was chillin by the lavender and then I gathered some of the dried that was there. Danny and Brooke were my spotters !! LOL I'm sure no one cared. I am going to put it in to alittle ditty bag I have.

This is what I have been eating alot of!! As many fresh veges as I can get from my garden and sun-dried tomato basil wraps and chicken with Caesar dressing. I just keep the chicken cooked and ready to go in zip locks in the freezer!! And they are so good!!

Kaitlin and I have been making this pie we found on pinterest! It is so yummy and so easy to make!!

One graham cracker crust pre-made pie crust
One package of cool whip 8 ozs.
One can Sweetened Condensed Milk
Any flavor package Kool Aid!!
We used Pink Lemonade

Mix all together with a whisk and then use a spatula to put into the pie crust. Refrigerate until firm!!
That's it!! Does not last to long!! We really like the Pink Lemonade. That is the only kind we have been making so far. I want to try Lime to see if it taste like a Key Lime pie.

And here is the view from my window!! Don't cha just love the beauty of the animals and birds!! I can't believe I 've been having crows coming to eat!! I LOVE crows!! My most favorite bird. There has been 5 of them coming in by my pine trees! And the squirell was so cute down in my lillies eating the seeds the others were dropping. I talk to them all the time!! LOL Must be the heat!!!
Just wanted to share alittle of my corner of the world with you! Hope everyone is staying cool and got to have alittle break today as the weather was alot better!! Now if it would just rain!!! Oh and I live on a dirt road!!! LOL
XOXO Love ya, Fran.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Meet "ABBY KATZ"!!!

ABBY KATZ is my newest Raggedy Fran. Doll!! She is for sale in my Etsy Shoppe(located on my sidebar). I hand sewed all of her and she is my own design. She carries a little hippie bagg with her Sweet Annie she gathered from the farm. Abby loves hanging out in the barn. Her dress is my own design too. It is upcycled from a cool polyester I thrifted. She is wearing one of my grubby tags with her name on it. I added a fish pin to hold her bagg on. She is a very well behaved cat!! Don't ya just love her whiskers? And she has alittle bell on her collar so you can find her!!

But I bet this is where you can find ABBY KATZ hanging out most day! Gathering her Swet Annie and looking for mice!!

Hope you guys are doing good. We are under a heat advisory and I am praying for the safety of everyone! We also had a storm in our county and over 27,000 people are still without power. We are blesed we are not one of them. I am watering my garden everyday and praying for rain. We do not have air conditioning. But are staying cool anyway we can. I've been sewing to keep my mind busy. It's to hot to cook or even clean. I know one thing for sure the house will wait for me!! LOL I pray all of my blogging BFF's are staying cool and healthy. Just wanted to check in with ya's!!
XOXO Love, Fran.