Friday, December 27, 2013


Just finally stopping in for an update on how it's been goin!! We were included in the ice storm and lost our power for 4 days. We actually got it back on Christmas Morning!! YAY!!
Just let me say I feel so blessed to have a home and memories were made from this. I did feel like I was "livin in a van (my orange car) down by the river"!! LOL But this little sweetie got me to the gas station for my coffee addiction and to Micky D's for food. And to warm up in. I finally had to give in and go stay at my SIL for one night as she called and said it was getting down to 6 degrees. I just didn't want to leave my house. On the first day I covered up with my blankeys and sewed on decorations on a sweater for Sim for his ugly sweater contest at work. And guess what he actually won!! Woo Hoo!! $10.00 gift certificate for Kroger's!! We can always use it!! We also used up both the batteries we had in our laptops to watch one of my fav movies "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
This is a selfie I took of myself awhile back when I was watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"! I guess the Grinch got me goin alittle wild n crazy!!

 On Christmas Eve our power was on for 10 minutes and then a power surge hit my neighbors pole and the fireman on my street turned off the main breaker and stopped what could have been something terrible!! But 8 of my neighbors got power back. We headed over to my MIL to see if hers was on it and yes it was!! We had a warm place for the night!! Woo Hoo!! I slept on her 2 seater couch and my legs kept kickin her Christmas tree Oh my goodness lot's of fun things to remember and cherish!! Sim tried the chair but that didn't work for him he went up stairs to his old bed. Brooke slept in my MIL bed with the cat cuz the cat hates Sim and wouldn't come out of the bedroom!! LOL My MIL was over my SIL due to the fact she didn't have power and it was to late for her to come that night.

This picture is a lot prettier than it looks!! If you look real close you can see my donkey weather vain in the top middle.

Just a couple of random shots of my yard. This tree has now been cut away from the wire. But was kinda scary layin on the power line like that.
BUT we did have a great Christmas with family. Christmas eve was at my cuzins and they were laughing cuz you could tell the ones without power! We were all layered up with clothes and I had a crocheted hat on to cover a multitude of sins with my hair!! LOL Good fun and laughter and exchanging of gifts! I got my favorite Starbucks gift card and chocolate covered cherries and a cute little cast iron pan to make brownies in with the mix!!
And then on Christmas we went to my SIL and Caylee was there and we had a good meal and exchanged gifts. My SIL got me and Sim a basket with two gift cards one for a steak dinner and then the movies!! AND some goodies to go with it!! Well guess what we went yesterday and had steak and went to the movies. We saw Grudge Match very sweet and funny.
And for some crazy reason I posed for this pic for Sim!! Could be trouble for me later!! LOL But we we had a great time which felt like forever since we were on a date!! Oh good times!!
And my best Christmas present Kaitlin is home for Christmas!! And ever since we have had bad weather!! LOL Both her parents were without power!! Poor babygril!! But we have had good times together and laughs. 

This is a lil brooch I made my MIL for Christmas. It turned out pretty sweet. I am working on a few bird items. And a really cool Crow item I made up!! LOL Always thinkin up something!! By the way everything posted in the single pics I posted last time that I made are sold!! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!! We sure did!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.