Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here is my second sweet little sheep I made!! This is "DAISEY MAE HICKS" 1864. All of my sheep belong to the Hicks family. Her sister "AMY ANN HICKS" lives in Kentucky now with a sweet little girl. She is pretty grubby from playing out in the pasture!!! I love making these little cuties!! With Easter coming it is the perfect thyme!!
John 10:3

I am in a new team on Etsy. We are kicking off our team tomorrow!! March 1st. I have donated this little mystery item.It is handmade by me!! See if you can guess what it is!! I will put up the link to the team blog page tomorrow so you can check out my fellow team members!!! It is the Folk Art and Primitive Team!! Go FAAP!!! Alot of great talent and lot's of goodies too!!! I feel very blessed to be a part of this awesome team!!!

Can you guess what I am giving away? Stay tuned for tomorrow!! I'll give ya the info!!! WOO HOO!!! I had alot of fun making and putting this together!!!
PEACE OUT!!! Love ya Fran.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Have you voted yet?

These are the new Lay's Potato Chips made up by real people!! LOL You vote on them for the ones you like!! Just let me say the Sriracha ones are super-duper HOT!! The Chicken & Waffle ones taste like Maple Syrup. And my favorite is the Cheesy Garlic Bread. They really taste like it. I gave the Sriracha to my cuzin who LOVES hot things!! She LOVED them. Me not so much!!

This is what I woke up to this morning!! I looked out my bedroom window and these little sweeties were on my porch. I LOVE the mourning doves.
(yes that is a trap we are having troubles with raccoons!! Can you believe it!! In the Winter Thyme!! I thought they slept!!!)
Can you see how big n fat my favorite squirrel is getting!! He is probably getting like that from ripping off the birds!!! But I still love him!!!

I couldn't stand it any longer. I want Spring so bad. So I made this cake!! It is strawberry with Spring frosting but I also added green and red m&m's. I got the cake mix at the Dollar Tree and the frosting at the Dollar General and the m&m's after Christmas clearance. So I guess this is my frugal Spring cake!! LOL But really have you seen how much the cake mixes are at the grocery store!! When I saw Pillsbury at the Dollar Tree I snapped it up!!! Guess Spring better get here cuz I am going crazy!!  I am making some new things but haven't quite finished them up yet. Today I actually cleaned up the kitchen n dining room and took down my Valentine's decorations. Tomorrow I plan on working in my studio/office/computer/craft/room!!! Shame on me for letting it get so messy!!
Peace out!!!! XOXO Love Fran.


Friday, February 15, 2013

So I am pinching myself!! and my mystery doll I made!!!

and thanking God for being so blessed!!!
Yesterday was Valentine's Day and Sim got me these roses!! I was so surprised!! I got some homemade turtles also but we shared them!! LOL I wasn't expecting the roses and that was so cool!!!
Ok I can't get this pic to turn!! EWW
After two days of not getting the mail Sim came in with these special Valentine's for me from Blog friends!! I got them right on V-day cuz of that!!! Woo Hoo!! The top one is from Jackie-O from Washington, The middle one is from my altered tag swap I am in monthly and came from Judith in Australia!! and the sweet clown one is from Erica in Minnesota!! I was very blessed and surprised!! I feel so loved!!
And if that wasn't enough this awesome bunny came too yesterday!! I won Vicky's giveaway!! Oh my goodness such beauty!! She smells yummy cuz I also got some candles in the box!! The bunny is prim perfection!! I adore the grubby doily collar. There isn't anything I don't like on her!! I have been calling her Beatrice!! LOL The tag says" Dear Lord Make me mindful of the little things" How cool!!! She has stick arm n legs!! Vicky has these for sale in her etsy shoppe!!
And here is my mystery doll!! It's a lamb!!

Meet Amy Ann Hicks 1862!!
Remember I up cycled her from an old well worn coat lining and a well used baby blanket. I used scraps of material and lace and grubbied her up real nice like. I made her little tag also. She has a cute little bracelet with a bell. I put her on my facebook page and she is already SOLD!! I have already started on new one!! She is gonna be purple.
AND this afternoon I got a call from Danny' group home and we are going on a date to Mickey D's tomorrow his favorite place!! I can't wait to see him!! I am super duper exited and pinching myself!!! for everything that is happening!! God is good!! I feel so loved and blessed!! Well I better get busy sewing!! LOL
Have a great weekend!! Love ya XOXO Fran.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Made In Michigan!!!

WOW is all I can say!! Janice sure blessed me for our swap that Amy hosted. Janice lives in Michigan too. She knew my favorite colors are brown and orange. She made me this primitive awesome doll and I LOVE the colors and pattern she picked. She made the crow and baby cupid too. And a sweet heart that says Hugs on it.
She also included these awesome hearts she made from the material that matches the doll. They are so cool they look like they are frosted. So sweet. I feel like I went to a store and got to pick out these awesome treasures!!!
Janice likes red white n blue. So I made her a set of my new "Kin Folk" in a cool wool plaid. I sure love making these.

I also added these goodies. Janice and I both go to the thumb of Michigan. Me more in the summer and she is blessed by living there. I upcycled a jar from the General store at the museum in Port Sanilac with vintage strawberries. I grubbied up a small year long calender and clipped with a vinatge clothes pin, a wooden heart that I put her and her husbands name on with my vintage typewriter. I got a spoon at the flea market with the name of a city she lives by. The pen is made by Brooke for her workshop. And some coffee and cookies. I LOVED putting this together for Janice!!! Thanks so much Amy for hosting this awesome swap.

And here is alittle teaser of what I am working on right now. My pattern I've been making and re-making!! LOL The material is from my cuzins husband coat from the inside of it that he could no longer wear. And a baby blanket. Oh my goodness it is turning out so gosh darn cute!! I know I will have it done very soon. I get so excited. LOL You know I will be posting pics real soon!!
Love ya all bunches!!
XOXO Fran. 


Monday, February 4, 2013

"LOVE" is in the air!!!

I signed up for a Valentine Swap over at Erica's We had to decorate a heart shaped heart box and put goodies in it for our partners. I used an old vintage book I had. I wanted to tell a "LOVE" story on it like you keep your love letters in it.
I used the chapters that said Unforgotten Years and Harvard. I "LOVE"-D that it made it look like she had kept their love story from their Harvard years!! I found this image online. Perfect may I say!! LOL The yellow rose is coffee dyed and it is so cool on there!! I "LOVE" "LOVE" the way this turned out!! And it turned out true to Fran style!! LOL I was so excited to get it out I forgot to take a pic inside of what I sent Krista. But I filled it with some vintage goodies and some little Valentine gifts. I even put a vintage rain bonnet in there as you can see in the pic it is raining!! She "LOVE"'s vintage earrings and I put a few in there also.

And this is what Krista sent me! I "LOVE" it!! She used some of her own vintage earrings on the front! She put alot of work into and I "LOVE" it!! I also got a garland she made me but I am gonna post that with my Valentine post to show you! She filled it with lot's of goodies!! Krista could use some LOVE n prayers as her Mom passed away last week. I know how it hurts. Thank you.

I am working on a top secret project which is almost done for s swap I am in over at Amy's. My partner is Janice and she is a Michigander too!! She is amazing. I am so glad we are partners. More on that "LOVE" project later this week. I feel very blessed and "LOVE" paying it forward and being creative!!
Have a "LOVE"-LY day guys.
"LOVE" ya to the Moon n Back!!
XOXO Fran.