Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My paper art challenge!!!!

So I decided to join The Artful Bag Challenge over at Anna's . It is a year long challenge and each month we will be doing something different. Anna is so sweet and very helpful! This is part of my "I CAN" challenge for myself!! At first I was alittle hesitate but realized it is exactly what I love and like to do!! I won a giveaway from Anna a few days ago. I won a copy of "Where Women Create" and she made me a very cool heart shaped Valentine. This little paper purse looks bigger than it is. It is only 2 1/2 inches high by 5 1/2 inches wide. I made it to match my livingroom. I pinned it to one of my mannequins that has a vintage fur collar on it. And my other one has my collection of fur jewelry and gold dog jewelry pins on it.

I love the way this looks on my coat so I think I'll keep it there for awhile. I can't wait til next months challenge, it's gonna be so much fun! And I already know what I'm gonna do!! I am also doing another new adventure, one I've been praying about for awhile and will be posting on that as it happens!! And of course I am still geting my new studio (I like that word!) organized and ready! It's a work in progress still, but I'm taking one day at a time!! Take care, XO Love, Fran.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello and yes "I CAN"!!!

Happy New Year!!
I have decided that my words for the New Year are "I CAN" becuz I always think I can't when I know I can!! For example I was so scared to start my blog, do a swap, and even sign up for a giveaway! Well I've conquered all of these and more! I have made so many wonderful friends through this! I also know that "I CAN" open an etsy shoppe like I've been wanting to. I just have a few things I need to finish before "I CAN"!! I have been organizing and of course at the same time I keep distracting myself with wanting to be creative!

BUT I couldn't help myself and wanted to show you just alittle something I did! LOL I know this isn't the first one made like this and I can't remember which blog or blogs I've seen them on, sorry! I love brown as you probably know it's one of my favorite colors. In the first pic this is Hull USA pottery cup and sandwich plate that are alittle bit older dishes. I found the cup on my vacation in the summer for 25 cents and the plate at Salvation Army here in Flint for 45 cents!!I also got the wine bottle for 25 cents on my vacation and just got the cute snowman hat and scarf 75% off after Christmas this year!! I just took E-6000 and glued the cup upside down to the bottom of the plate. The cute ceramic cupcake on top of it, Kaitlin got me for Christmas
from Kohls. The second one I picked up the cup and saucer at Salvo also and they just happened to be half off and the whole thing cost me 30 cents!!! The ceramic cupcake on that one I got at an estate sale for a dollar! And of course my doilies are thrifted!!

Just before the holidays came around I had signed up for a giveaway from my good friend Amy at , she was giving away an apron! I was so excited when I found out I had won! Cuz that girl can sew and makes the coolest stuff! Sometimes upcycling things into new things that are amazing! I am wearing the apron in the above picture and I wanted to share with you and Amy what I already had when I opened up the package I couldn't believe how perfect they matched! It is a salsa bowl and tortilla warmer!! Check out her ! She rocks!!

I also have been making these dishrags! I use to make them just awful! LOL to small and crooked! So I had Sim go onYou.Tube for me and found out I was using the wrong size crochet hook!! The guy who was showing how to do it said make them big, so I did!! LOL I picked this color to match these cool napkins I got for a gift!! Right now I am making a pink one for Valentine's Day!

The bible says that all things are possible with God! and that is why I also know "I CAN"!!
Take care, Love ya, Fran. XO