Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Alot happening here around the Funky Farmhouse!!

This sweet Mama

gave us Madeline Grace on July 7th!!
 Proud Daddy Nick holding her!! Already Madeline has made this family so blessed and happy! She's so sweet!! The new family will be coming home today!! This Grannie is so excited!!
Some other things that have been going on around here!!

I have been gardening around here in my new/old boots!! And my lettuce is coming in and I have already made two Taco salads from it!! Boy is good!! I have also been working on the front of the house. I am digging up a lot of it and it is taking me a long time!! LOL And now it's been raining!!

Here is a Funky Farm gathering I have been working on. I finally got it done!! I love how it turned out!! Anyone wanna buy some berries? in a vintage cheese box with a little friend in it? LOL This will be goin to the shoppe.

And you all know my love for GOATS!! This lil sweetie was so much fun to make!! I got the material at an estate sale and it actually is some shirts someone was making and didn't finish. I love using polyester from days gone by. I added some patriotic pins to "Uncle Sam" on his ear kinda like the tags they use on the goats at the Fairs. This is my own design I made from my pics I have of the goats from the County fair. Alittle funky for sure!!!
I can't believe how fast the summer is going!! Kaitlin has been here for 2 weeks and is leaving at the end of the week!! I am sure gonna miss her!! I will be kickin out some more gigs. I need to sew to help keep my mind busy!! LOL
Have a groovey day!!
Love ya Fran.