Saturday, September 24, 2011



Here is one of my Sunflowers I grew! Funny thing about this is I planted a whole package of seeds and I only got these two big ones!! It was either the birds or the squirrels or chipmunks!! Or better yet probably all of them!!

 I plant these so I can dry them out!! They are so cool after they dry but the birds usually get them before I can bring them in! I have to dry them outside first darn it!!

But I am dreaming of drying them here at this place!!

And of drying apples too!!

And maybe churning some butter too!

 I am also dreaming of living in this house!! This house was built by my husband Sim's Great-Great Grandfather named Simon!! There is a chance this house may go on the market!! We are praying and if it does we would love to buy it!! It is in Gods hands. I would appreciate prayers!! This house is in the same town we live in!! I have always wanted to live in a farm house! This would be the first house Sim and I bought together!! I could grow so many Sunflowers on this land and even if the birds did get to them I would still have some!! LOL There is the cutest little out building just for selling veges and whatever you want!! And a big barn and other out buildings! This dream is so much more of a reality than the Antique Shoppe I was dreaming of!! I looked back at those pics and realized this house and barn and outbuildings match that shoppe alot!! This property has more outbuildings than you can imagine! Wonder if God might have other plans!!

And this cute little outbuilding will be perfect for my Etsy items and projects!!

And these Mums are in my yard now reminding me of the beauty of Fall and telling me once again it's ok to dream. But when you give everything to God He can surprise you!!  His beauty is everywhere!!
XO Fran.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It was a day filled with Love and Fun!!!

~This is how love looks like 12 years later~~
This is Sim and I at Ryan and Christines Wedding! Still in love after all these years!! Sim and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary on Sunday!! Sim surprised me and took the day off!

Our most favorite place is Lake Huron in Forsester, Michigan this is where we take our vacation!
So Sim planned a day trip for us!! I have been upcycling bird's nest in different forms and on upcycled items for my Etsy shoppe. I haven't listed them yet but Sim knew I wanted more supplies from Lake Huron! I am so blessed that Sim understands me and appreciates what I do. It was a beautiful Fall day yesterday and so relaxing listening to the waves and looking for my goodies!!

This is me having an awesome time looking for God's amazing supplies to make art!

I dediced when I got home I would organize them into my vintage train cases. I thought they looked so cool I'd show you too!!

I will be listing my new Art Birds Nest this week! I can't wait to show you!! I have had so much to catch up on!! Having had my surgery just three weeks ago I am behind and I seem to be getting tired so easy! Hoping this little get away helped out!! I know I am very blessed to be married to Sim!
XO Fran.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today is my Baby Girl Kaitlin's Birthday!!!

Today this silly beautiful girl turned 21!! Oh my goodness I can't believe it!!! She is such a blessing to me and our whole family!!! This is her this summer as a camp counselor at church camp. She has been a counselor to 12 and 13 year old girls for the last five years!!! She is very active in many areas of church. She will be starting her Bachelors Degree next week in Family Development. She is the head of the Young Adults in our Flint District and she also is very active in the United Methodist Women. She traveled to Birmingham Alabama this summer for a National Conference representing the Young Adults for Methodist Women.
She is a big Detroit Tigers Fan!! And they won today on her birthday!! GO TIGERS!!!

She was the Maid of Honor in her step sisters wedding last month!!!

She is silly and goofy!!!

She has a smile that lights up the world!!

She makes me smile everyday!! This is her sister Brooke and I celebrating her day with her!! We had a big dinner for her which she also cooked!! We had pulled pork sandwiches, garlic fries, homemade cole slaw and for dessert I made root beer floats and we also had brownies. She loves to cook and I love to bake so it works out pretty good!! Today she made the pulled pork sandwiches in the crockpot .She used a Pork Roast and Faygo Root Beer and cooked it on slow all day. Then pulled it and put Barbecue Sauce on it. It was very good. I am so blessed!! XO Fran. 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Check out this cool Etsy Treasury I was featured in!!!

Just click on the link below to view the entire treasury!!

I am linking up to the Sunday Blog Party