Friday, February 15, 2013

So I am pinching myself!! and my mystery doll I made!!!

and thanking God for being so blessed!!!
Yesterday was Valentine's Day and Sim got me these roses!! I was so surprised!! I got some homemade turtles also but we shared them!! LOL I wasn't expecting the roses and that was so cool!!!
Ok I can't get this pic to turn!! EWW
After two days of not getting the mail Sim came in with these special Valentine's for me from Blog friends!! I got them right on V-day cuz of that!!! Woo Hoo!! The top one is from Jackie-O from Washington, The middle one is from my altered tag swap I am in monthly and came from Judith in Australia!! and the sweet clown one is from Erica in Minnesota!! I was very blessed and surprised!! I feel so loved!!
And if that wasn't enough this awesome bunny came too yesterday!! I won Vicky's giveaway!! Oh my goodness such beauty!! She smells yummy cuz I also got some candles in the box!! The bunny is prim perfection!! I adore the grubby doily collar. There isn't anything I don't like on her!! I have been calling her Beatrice!! LOL The tag says" Dear Lord Make me mindful of the little things" How cool!!! She has stick arm n legs!! Vicky has these for sale in her etsy shoppe!!
And here is my mystery doll!! It's a lamb!!

Meet Amy Ann Hicks 1862!!
Remember I up cycled her from an old well worn coat lining and a well used baby blanket. I used scraps of material and lace and grubbied her up real nice like. I made her little tag also. She has a cute little bracelet with a bell. I put her on my facebook page and she is already SOLD!! I have already started on new one!! She is gonna be purple.
AND this afternoon I got a call from Danny' group home and we are going on a date to Mickey D's tomorrow his favorite place!! I can't wait to see him!! I am super duper exited and pinching myself!!! for everything that is happening!! God is good!! I feel so loved and blessed!! Well I better get busy sewing!! LOL
Have a great weekend!! Love ya XOXO Fran.