Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hope you guys are havin a great groovey Fall!! When you come to the Funky Farmhouse our scarie Scare Crow will welcome you with open arms. And an alter of Maple leaves pumpkins n gourds and lights lead you to our home!!
We don't have a light on our porch and we have no street lights. So I asked Sim to make me a porch light as I was havin the church ladies over for a meeting and some groovey Fall treats. This is what he came up with!! That is our scare crow from our garden this summer. We call him Otis T. Hicks. A branch of our Maple tree  some rusty funky junk and BOOM it's an awesome welcome!!! It's even cooler with the lights on. The only cost was the 50 cent pumpkins and gourds I bought adding up to $3.00. The leaves are leaving the trees around here but it sure has been pretty. Thanks for stopping by.
Keep on Keepin on
XOXO Love ya Fran.