Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Frannie got her Groove back!!

 Hi Kidds!!
I sure have been missing my blog!! I think I just let to many things get to me!! So I will catch you up on the good things I have been doing!! Like this cool special order I got for one of my Vintage dachshund dogs I make from an old vintage coat and up cycled sweaters for the hats!! This lil sweetie turned out so great!! It was ordered from a dear friend for her daughter who has one named "Theo" short for Theodore". Too cute.


Here is just one of the coolest things I have been so proud of lately!! LOL First of all I saw a pin on Pinterest where this lady put her dish soap in an syrup bottle like this. Oh my gosh I was so geeked as I had just picked this big one up at the Consignment store where I take my clothes to sell. I had been watching for it to be marked down!! 50% off baby and I used my money I made!! It came without a lid. Hmmm--- So I put my best Fran thinking cap on. Looked in the drawer none of the plastic pop tops in there worked. AND then it hit me look in the fridge at the salad dressing caps!! YAY I had an old bottle of one dated way back. I took that baby off and it fit perfect!! OMG I was doin the happy dance!! I let Sim know it was not syrup and then my daughter Brooke asked Sim if that was syrup on the counter and Sim told her no your Mom is up to her craziness again. LOL It's dish soap and I am a happy Mama!!

We have been watchin this lil Beauty Queen a lot on and off between me n her being sick!! We did a fashion show with my old hats. These are just two of my favs. She didn't even try to take the hats off. She kinda had the same expression in all the pics. Poor baby had a tummy ache but was a lil trooper. LOVE IT!!

Have made a lot of my famous chili lately. This was part of our Super Bowl celebration. We have also been hittin the Farmers Markets around here on Sat mornins and Thursday. We have been eating a bit more healthy.

The other day I was havin such a bad stinkin day after a week of letting things get to me. I cried and said I need to go to my secret garden and get myself right. I know when I sew I am much better mentally. I hadn't even been doing that as of late. So I got my stuff out and whipped up this chick n these eggs I had already made. I had gotten the vintage Eggs tag a while back. I am putting these together for Easter and For Sale in my Etsy Shoppe. https://www.etsy.com/listing/222047738/chicken-eggs-nest-farm-gathering?ref=listing-shop-header-0.
 I love the way it turned out.

I am off for an eye doctor appointment. I need glasses so bad. I can not wait to get new ones. The sun is shining but very cold today. It is gonna be great just to get out!! I might even stop at one of the big stores if I have enough time.
Keep on Keepin on!!
XOXO Love Fran.