Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here is my February Artful Bag Challenge!!!!

For February's challenge we were to recyle something we had around the house into a purse. I decided to use this little box that I got a Kashi bar sample I had sent away for. The box was a really cool triangle shape. This little purse measures about 7 inches by 4 inches to the top of the handle.

This is how the box looked before I made the purse.

I also made the purse so that it opened up and used some of my leftover leopard paper from last challenge on the inside. I knew I wanted to make it so that it matched my livingroom again. I had this fur material piece that was just enough to cover it with a little left over. The handle was a challenge for me. I knew I wanted it to stand up. I found the cool trim with the tulle ruffle and chain at JoAnn's for 40% off with my coupon.This is from "The Project Runway" trim line. Sim told me about this black electric wire I could use. So off I went to Rockwell's Hardware and the guy who helped me looked at me kinda funny when I told him I was making a little purse handle out of it!! LOL It worked out perfect and only cost me 27 cents!! I also used a vintage button on the front that matched perfect too. I decided to keep it kinda simple as I liked the look. I had alot of fun making this. I am looking forward to next months challenge!! We got some more snow and had a snow day on Monday!! I will be so glad when Spring does finally get here! Hope everyone is staying warm and safe. 
XO Fran. 
 PS That Kashi bar was really delicious!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last night was date night!!!

Last night was Friday and it is open mic night at Borders. This is one of our favorite places to go for alot of reasons. It was very sad this week to hear that they might be closing a few of their stores and are filing for bankrupt. I am saying my prayers they won't close the one in Flint. I am also praying for all the others in the US, because I know alot of Home School Moms get their resources there, and buy the bargain books for their children. I always get my hot Chai Tea Latte, and a warm cookie, and sit and look at the magazines! I have been taking my Borders cloth bag with my notebook and pen in it!! And yes I do take alot of notes!


 These were my two favorites I looked at last night! I made a promise to myself that if I get the things done that I need too, I can go back and get the Altered Couture one!! Oh my gosh there are such cool clothes in there that are altered, I want to try to do!!

And the other reason we go is that this young man on the right works for my husband at Kroger's. Brian and his brother Gerard play so awesome and put alot of work into their music. Brian can sing really good. Gerard can really jam out on his guitar also!!
We have had a really tough week around here. Sim's Uncle passed away and it just seemed like alot of things were happening. A very special lady in our life gave us a gift card a while back for us to go on a date to Borders. I have stretched that card out!! LOL So that we could go on a few of them! I praise God for her being in our lives.
Today I went to JoAnn's with my coupon and got my thread I need for the curtains!! Now I am so excited to get them done!! One of the things I have to get done before I get that magazine!! And I also now have all the stuff I need to finish my Artful Bag Challenge for Febuary!! So it looks like I better get busy! LOL
Tomorrow we are suppose to be having another winter storm! For the last few days it's been sunny and in the 50's!! I have been loving it!! But I do live in Michigan so I guess you just never know what the weather is gonna be like!! My vote is on the 50's and sunshine!!!
XO Love ya, Fran.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Where Women Create!! and the caring hearts that go with it!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog friends!! Anna from had a giveaway back in January. The giveaway was for a "Where Women Create" magazine. She realized that she had bought two of the same one. I signed up and I won!! I actually found out I had won on my Mom's birthday!!! Anna didn't have any power on the day she was having her drawing, but she did it anyway!!  Anna is pretty cool and very talented! I am doing her Artful Bag Challenge for the year! I am working on February's right now and we have to recycle something into a purse! I am having alot of fun!! 

This is the magazine I got!! I love these magazines!  Anna is so sweet she made me this heart for my craft studio!! Right now I am trying to find a gate to put above my desk area for my inspiration board. Of course it has to be just the right one!!

My room is almost done, we are just putting the finishing touches on it and I have to get the thread to make the curtains! I keep forgetting to take my swatch with me when I go to JoAnn's in Flint!! Darn it!!

Every Monday night Kaitlin and I have to watch this show!!
 "Pretty Little Liars"

 Does anyone else watch it? I think it's the Nancy Drew in me, cuz it's a mystery and you really have to keep up with it!! I love it!! Plus I get to watch it with Kaitlin!! while Sim watches his Pawn Stars show. Then I go and watch American Pickers with him after that!! I really like that show too!! Oh what would we do with out TV? Umm maybe I'd get more cleaning, laundry and creating done!! Laughing at myself, but that's okay!! At least that's what I keep telling myself!! Take care.
XO Fran.