Friday, January 25, 2013

Say it isn't SNOW!!! and my groovey Moustache!!

So we got snow yesterday and again today! Ok no big deal everyone is gettin it BUT I have to drive in it!! And I am the biggest Chicken Little in the SNOW!! I know I am a Michigander and have been all my life BUT it is the one thing that makes me have anxiety! I have to drive to a Women's Retreat I am attending about 50 miles away. My cuzin is going with me and her car is broken!! So my saving grace is that it is for God and I will be just fine!! LOL But it's still snowing God!!! (trying to put a plea out here)
Here is my new groovey, pin keep, make do, ornie, tuck, prim and grubby, upcycled "MOUSTACHE".
I used an old vintage black n white photo of a dapper young man with a "stashe" I had. I added some lace, an old button, paper punch crown, and pearl embellishment.
I also added a brown vintage button, and made some pins from an old vintage necklace that I broke and bummed myself out about. Paying it forward with the pearls. This is a pattern I drew out myself and I LOVE how the whole thing turned out! I am very proud of this one!! It is listed in my Etsy Shoppe.
Hey as I am finishing up this post the sun is shining!! Woo Hoo see I just needed to get it out to my BBF's!!(best bloggin friends) Thanks for letting me Boo Hoo for a minute!! Gotta go pack and get myself off this computer!!
Peace Out, XOXO Love ya Fran.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Thank You Tag!!

Wanted to share my "Pretty In Pink" tag I made with you. This one is a thank you tag and her favorite color is pink. I make my own tags from manila folders that the city school was gonna throw out!! Oh no I can use them!! I cut them and then coffee dye them in my special mixture. They never turn out the same and I love that about them. I have been using my vintage typewriter that Sim got me for them and whatever I have around here. I love this pic and had a few printed out in my desk! So I had everything I needed. I miss going to the sales but I am trying to use what I have for everything right now. My studio is a mess and it's my own fault!! LOL Now I said it I gotta clean up so I can share pics with you. It is a very recycled/upcycled room and that is what I love about it!
I have made a few new things and have to put the finishing touches on them and then I can share them. Seems like I have been super busy and didn't think I had anything to share until now!! LOL
Peace out, XOXO Love ya, Fran. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet my New "KIN FOLK"!!

Here are my newest dolls I have been working on! And I LOVE LOVE how they turned out!! The little doll is my original drawing for the doll. Then I drew the bigger one! But I kept looking at the little drawing telling myself how much I loved it!! I always draw them out and then get excited to see what they will look like sewing with the material!! I can see many possibilities with this!! At first I was gonna call them "SNOW FOLK" but I decided to call them "Kin Folk". I sewed them out of warm n natural, and some calico. The heart is from red cashmere. They are all hand sewed. I will be listing them in my Etsy Shoppe tomorrow. I am back to creating and it feels awesome!!!
Peace out, XOXO Love Fran.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

Here is my first tag of the season for my year long monthly tag swap. I LOVE the way this one turned out!! XOXO Fran.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another groovey Up Cycled Gift Sim made me for Christmas!!!

I had this ideal pinned on Pinterest for the longest time and I kept telling Sim I wanted to show it to him. So finally one day I did. For the longest time Sim kept going in the garage and telling me not to go in there. He was making me something for Christmas! He kept saying you know don't you? I actually thought he was making me a stove board!! LOL I had totally forgotten about this pin!!
This wagon was my son Danny's!! We used it so much!! He loved it! Even Kaitlin was pulled in it!! It was real rusty and well used and loved!! Danny is 24 now. Sim added the vintage wheels the original one that I pinned didn't have them. The base is very important too. An older lady I lived next door to growing up that was like a Grandma to me had this sewing machine n base in her rickety garage. I got it from her. The sewing machine is all rusty and is out in the front garden. This base was painted black and I just had a board on it. I put a few of my Raggedy Ann's in there for now. We are gonna be changing the kitchen one of these days. A couple of my dolls are from Ebay a few years ago so if you see one and it was yours you made let me know!! The matching Annie n Andy are made from a friend for me just cuz. I just LOVE this now!! I am sure I will have many different things in it!! LOL
I went to the Lung Docter today and I still have a little bit of the pnemounia BUT I am alot better and he said it takes alot of time to get rid of but he is positive I am gonna be just fine!! Woo Hoo!! I am feeling a skip in my step and ready to go forward!! Creating here I come!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2013 is gonna rock!!


Thank GOD for do overs!!
I have been doing alot of soul searching this holiday season. Being so sick gives you time to reflect on what is important. I know God and Family are a given. But inside myself is where I need the most fixin!! So I have picked out my word for 2013. And it is "PEACE" and I keep singin that song " Let there be peace on Earth". So I keep sayin to myself "And let it begin with me"!!! I remember throughout the years I would always take pics like this with my peace sign held up. Being a girl of the 70's it was a given!! LOL I remember the day these were taken!! LOL I rode the city bus to the mall with my best friend. Which was a big deal in itself!! LOL And I had just gotten that shirt! I LOVED it!! It had a tie in the back and it was one of my favs for a long time!! I wore it with stir up pants!! Oh my goodness that is so funny as I look back!!!

Christmas was very good. We had three family gatherings. Christmas Eve was with my family and was very nice with good food. It was so cute my cuzin had re-done her kitchen in Italian decor so we had an Italian style meal with lot's of yummy food.

 Chillin with the family


My Brooke bein her cute self!! Brooke LOVES peace signs so I know she will remind me alot throughout the year of my word peace!!
Here is the family gathered at the table. I lOVE the way my family gets into the spirit with their cute Santa hats!! And all of the little girls have red in their hair they do it at the beginning of December thanks to their Grandma!! LOL One bottle puts red on all of them!! LOL
I also got to spend some time with my Danny on Christmas Eve day. Kaitlin helped me pick him up and take him out to lunch. One of my best presents for the day!!
And here is a few of my presents I got on Christmas day from the family.
My new groovy boots Sim got me!! Every time we go to the Tractor Supply Store I either put them on or stand and stare at them!! LOL I was so surprised when I opened them up!! LOL My Spring boots!! YAY!!
Here is what I got also from the girls. My box of my very favorite candy is the Chocolate covered cherries. Brooke got me those!! And the cute Candy land bandages came from Kaitlin and the moustache markers too. They are so flippin cute. She said she knows I'll do something creative with them!! I know I will too! LOL

We also got to See our Caylee Roxanne on Christmas Day. She was having a tea party when we got there. What a sweetie. She is gettin so big and so smart! She was pretty tired and is trying very hard to smile for me here!!

And here is the awesome bench Sim made for his Mother for Christmas. He really rocked it out and she loves it. He painted it green her favorite color and it looks so good on her new enclosed porch.
We also had another Christmas at my SIL's on Sat. I didn't get any pics of it though. We were very blessed for Christmas. We stayed home last night. Sim had to work yesterday and today. We did make Mexican food and I wanted lemon cake but we made cupcakes instead. I have alot of positive thoughts flowing for the New Year. I know when I put my mind to it I can do it. And so that is why I know I need to let PEACE begin with me. So that I can help others in a positive way!!! PEACE OUT buddy's I Love ya!!
XOXO Fran.