Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh My Goodness!!! so much to catch up on!!

 Here is alittle tour of my walk I took today. Sim made this hose wreath for me last Fall. I LOVE it and it helps to remind me that I can get out gardening soon!!

  I was outside drying a piece of coffee/spice dyed lace when I saw this!! A gift from God!! Even though it is a creeping weed it has beautiful flowers!

Ok don't laugh but he is my friend!! And yes I talk to him! I just call him Sweetie Pie. I had surgery again on Friday and I did great!! No aspirating this time!! And boy did they baby me and kiss my butt!! LOL So I have been talking to the animals. My neighbors cats come over too!! Cuz we feed the birds. LOL I have been sleeping a lot due to stronger pain pills but I am weaning myself off them and getting some sewing done.

I am finishing up this little cutie!! How do you like the dolie hat on her? It is handmade from some cotton thread I bought at Salvo. The lady who ordered her likes the original one that looked like a dolie. I had a hard time trying to get one like it. So I came up with this!! I like it myself.

And Sim got these for me from the hospital gift shop. He was so excited that I was ok!! LOL He loves to spoil me!! These are reading glasses and they are perfect for my hand sewing!! I am digging the bubble tear drop earrings too!!
 And my MIL brought this cupcake over to me!! She said it looked like a Fran. cupcake!! LOL It does doesn't it? (it was delicious too!!)
I have been watching a lot of TV and sleeping a lot. Tomorrow I get to go bye bye!! LOL We have errands to run and then I found a church sale that starts tomorrow!! Now it is really getting to be Spring!! Woo Hoo!!!
So glad to be back and also getting my mojo back!! Now I have another three months of doing things and having fun before the next surgery procedure!! At least it will be summer by then!!!
XOXO Love ya and Peace out!!!