Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you Barter, Swap or Trade? You should!!!

This afternoon I went to the door to open it to let some air in and a big yellow envelope fell at my feet! It was from my adopted niece Jill at . She had made this little cutey for a surprise and a thank you. I sure love it!! I love Jill too. She has adopted me as her Aunt Frannie and I feel blessed. This little girl is a magnet and Jill knows I love cherries!! Jill is an amazing artist. Check out her post on the Halloween Mixed Media House she rocked out!! Oh my goodness it is amazing!! I went outside to take this pic and I put it on one of my rusty shovels on the side of the barn. It looked so cute!! A big hug and kiss to Jill!!

Here is what I altered with my Mystery Swap Envelope #2 I got from Vickie at I always forget to take pics of the stuff in the envelope before I start making them! I think I get excited. The Souvenir paper was half of another one that had a postcard on it. I had been wanting to make a jar for my beach glass and stones Sim and I always get on our vacations. I fancied this one up with some of the beach glass, some feathers, shells, etc. The ribbon and the button are from Vickie. I love the way this turned out and I even had more stuff left over to make this cool tag!! 

I just LOVE it and the way it turned out!! I had the little black bird and couldn't help but put him on the bike. She knew my favorite color is orange. Right now Vickie and I are bartering. When it gets finished I'll share it with you. I am still working on my book from before gluing pages together to make pockets. I have enough stuff left from Vickie to make an ATC card. I really like this Mystery Swap thing. And I really like the bartering. Trading, Bartering and swapping are alot alikeWith the way things are in our country right now, doing these things can lift our spirits. Kinda put us back to the way America use to be maybe!! My other good friend Lori at home schools her girls and gets together with other homeschoolers. Lori is teaching these young girls about bartering through American Girl books and other things. That is what kinda got me to thinking about it. I am praying for our country. So if any of you are interested in Bartering, Swapping, or Trading there are probably alot of people out there who will. Let me know if you want to. I know Vickie and I are really enjoying it!! Thanks! and Love ya XO Fran.