Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sharing some new eye candy with you!!!

I changed out the coats on my mannequin's. These were my Mom's. I remember her wearing them when I was growing up. When I was cleaning out her closet I found them. I love them in my living room and the colors and style are perfect! I added my collection of fur jewelry and gold poodle pins to the gold coat. My Mom was a fancy lady as she had worked from the age of 17. When I was growing up we also had a poodle named Pepi.

I have been busy with my Mom's estate but God is awesome and I have her trailer sold to my friends son and his family. My Mom prayed for Josh when he was in the Navy and over in Iraq. So he is already covered in prayer and my Mom would be so happy!! Josh and his wife Jen are so excited that they are getting the trailer! And that makes me happy too! They are so cute and have three adorable children!!
I see the lawyer tomorrow and then when this all done I can get back to creating!! I think it is gonna be very healing for me!! I am working on a "Bluebird" Raggedy Fran doll right now. I will be naming her "Rosie" after my Mom. Her name was Rose Marie. One of my last calls to her was to tell her I had a bluebird on my porch!! She told me it meant happiness!! Just thought I'd share with you and let ya know what I've been up to!!
XO Fran.