Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Check this little cutie out and a few other things I got!!

This is what I got on our date on Saturday to the Antique mall!! It was one of those things you walk right up to and just know you're gonna buy it!! And we did!! LOL After I finish this spot up in the yard I'll show more. Right now I have my pansies in there I haven't planted yet. Our Michigan weather has been alittle chilly still and I haven't wanted to be outside planting!! LOL We had a great date and was gone all day. I had to laugh at myself I was in bed and asleep before 9:00 pm!! 

These also came from the Antique Mall. I love this potholder and it has the colors of my kitchen in it. And I also have this thing about jars!! LOL And I loved the shape of this one and the zinc lid. The prairie doll I just had to have!! LOL She's so sweet!! She is upcycled from clothes on part of her. I always like that!!

Can you believe I got this awesome Prim and Grubby Sweet Annie salt shaker doll from a Boy Scout Fund raiser sale at the Catholic Church!! I love these kinda sales cuz people donate some great stuff!!

I love old vintage sewing things! And this tomato pincushion is so cute. I have quite a few pin cushions but there's always room for one more!! LOL And the apron pattern is so vintage and looks easy to make.

Here are a few more things I got too. Some birdies for my nests I make and a pie plate and this wooden pig! Isn't he cute? I think Pigs and Cows are making come back!!

I also got this vintage coffee can and some more salt shakers, a cute dog, and wooden spools! I'll be planting in the coffee can. I had an awesome vintage thrifting week!!

 And this sweet rag doll is my newest creation! She'll be in my Esty Shoppe this week!! She is smaller than my other ones. I had alot of fun creating and designing her! Her name is "Libbie Rose" and her dress material also came from the Antique Mall but I couldn't wait to use it!! You can see it on the tray I have her on. It's really pretty. She is all hand stitched!! The sun was perfect today for some grubby thyme outside!!! Alittle chilly but still sunny!! I'm lovin it!!
XOXO Love, Fran.  

Friday, April 13, 2012


It felt so good yesterday to finally get outside and get my hands dirty!!! I started cleaning out the garden by front porch. This is L shaped around the porch and took me quite awhile to do!! LOL I am slow but I tell ya I feel like I can breathe again! I am really sore today but the sun is shining again!!

I have prim roses in here which actually have blooms on them!! Yay flowers blooming! There is a mum and an old vintage coffee can with the flowers coming back from last year. This little fence is actually a very small pallet. Sim put it on there for me and I just love the fact that I can decorate it!

Since I am not zoned for chickens where we live I have this metal cutey right in the corner of this little spot. So it kinda looks like I have a chicken!! He is very well behaved!!!

This is the other part of the L and why it took me alittle while! LOL So I just have the rest of the gardens to work on which all need it real bad!! I love it though getting out there. Today I ran errands and have to get some work done inside! Tomorrow I have a play date with Sim!!! We are going to this new Antique Market in Flint.  It has over 60,000 sq feet of vendors, it is in an old Hamady Bros. Grocery Store. That was a Harley Shop that moved. The best part is that it is making it already!! My really good friend has a booth there. I haven't seen her this up in a long time about selling antiques! I pray things are starting to look up!! I am gonna buy somethings tomorrow and will share with you!! I have some birthday money and I want to just get some goodies I want but don't need! You know what I mean? Hope you are getting your hands dirty outside!! It's so much fun!!!
XOXO Love, Fran

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hola Chicas!!!!

Happy Birthday to THEBAGGLADY!!!

Thought I'd share what I did on my birthday with you!!! I got a new rusty bike for my yard!!

We spent the day in Holly, MI. Just walking through the town and going into the few shops that were open. We knew most of them would be closed but we didn't care. It was a beautiful day out!!! We got an old license plate and a couple of railroad thingys. I forgot what they are called!! LOL

Then from there we went to the Great Lakes National Veteran's Cemetery which is also located in Holly, MI. This has been there for sometime now but we had never seen it before. OH my goodness what beauty and what pride it gives you to be American.  We walked all over the whole thing! We sure saw alot of nature!! Deer, wild turkeys, and geese! It is so peaceful and the sad thing is they can do up to 10 funerals a day. The cool thing is husbands and wives can be buried together!!

Sim was in the Navy for 12 years. He loved this so much!!! He read everything!! When Sim saw this from the Navy Seabees he was almost like alittle boy jumping up and down!! I snapped this pic of him reading it to me. He said he wasn't a seabee but loved them!! His pride made me fall alittle more in love with him! Seeing some of it from his eyes was amazing!!! Sim and I were not married when he was in the Navy.

And believe it or not as we were leaving, this Sand Crane was just there eating and not paying any attention to us at all!! I LOVE the way the flags are in the background!!

So it ended up being a great birthday. I was so exhausted. I fell asleep around 7:00pm and around 9:30pm I woke up and started passing my kidney stone!!! I am still passing it and it is painful. But at least the surgery worked and I am on my way to healing!! Yay! Cuz I really want and need to be outside!! LOL

And I thought I'd share my newest sweet bunny pin cushion I made. It turned out so cute!! I love the little pom pom I made for the tail. I added this to my etsy shoppe last night. I know it's alittle late for Easter but it is too cute. Hope you're enjoying your day. I am!! The sun is shining. Keeping Texas in my prayers with all the storms and tornadoes they have been having.
 XOXO Love, Fran.