Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Here is my February Artful Bag Challenge!!!!

For February's challenge we were to recyle something we had around the house into a purse. I decided to use this little box that I got a Kashi bar sample I had sent away for. The box was a really cool triangle shape. This little purse measures about 7 inches by 4 inches to the top of the handle.

This is how the box looked before I made the purse.

I also made the purse so that it opened up and used some of my leftover leopard paper from last challenge on the inside. I knew I wanted to make it so that it matched my livingroom again. I had this fur material piece that was just enough to cover it with a little left over. The handle was a challenge for me. I knew I wanted it to stand up. I found the cool trim with the tulle ruffle and chain at JoAnn's for 40% off with my coupon.This is from "The Project Runway" trim line. Sim told me about this black electric wire I could use. So off I went to Rockwell's Hardware and the guy who helped me looked at me kinda funny when I told him I was making a little purse handle out of it!! LOL It worked out perfect and only cost me 27 cents!! I also used a vintage button on the front that matched perfect too. I decided to keep it kinda simple as I liked the look. I had alot of fun making this. I am looking forward to next months challenge!! We got some more snow and had a snow day on Monday!! I will be so glad when Spring does finally get here! Hope everyone is staying warm and safe. 
XO Fran. 
 PS That Kashi bar was really delicious!!!