Monday, August 26, 2013

Been makin a new friend and hangin out at the Fair and the Pumpkin Patch!!

I just fell in Love with this little cutie!! I hung out at the Genesee County Fair last week. I only missed two days!! I had a blast!! This billy goat was just so cute. I went everytime I was there and visited her. And guess what I almost have a billy goat all sewed up in honor of her!! Laughing at myself!! Always designing and creating!!

Friday night was date night with Sim and the Billy Currington concert!! OMG I Love Billy Currington and this pic of me was him singing my favorite song!! "Must be Doing Something Right"!! Loved it!! We also went to the rodeo and Demolition Derby. I was really good and only had Fair Food one day!! Why does all the food have to be so bad for you and smell so good!! LOL I am on a diet and I have been good for the last two weeks I have lost three pounds!! LOL It is hard for me as I tend to hold water cuz of my bladder disease I have. But the docter is proud of me!! She told me to keep it up!! I am trying!!
 I had a special order for this pigg. I went out to lunch with one of my BFF's and she loves blue so I took "Rosie" with me to see if Carol liked her. And she did!! I told Rhonda who bought her that "Rosie" was very outgoing and to make sure she got to go away sometimes!! Rhonda works nights at the hospital so she took "Rosie" to work with her!!! LOL I told ya she is an out going pigg!! 

Besides working on my Billy Goat I have been making pumpkins!! Which I LOVE making. I have a friend in Maine who wanted some of my pumpkins to sit around. I am diggin the Fall Plaid ones!! I might have to make me some if she buys those!! Keepin busy. I talk to Kaitlin almost everyday. She loves her job and started her college classes today. I am going to see her for a week in September with my SIL and MIL. I am counting down. I am also trying to get everything caught up this week I am having surgery for my bladder on this Friday!! It has been so hot here for the last few days. EWW!! We are moving Brooke upstairs to Kaitlin's room Lot's of changes but all good!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.


Monday, August 12, 2013

How Things are goin around the Homestead!!

WOW summer is flyin by!! I wanted to share a few of my favorite things from around my yard!! Sim painted my clothesline poles for me from a blue to this groovey barn red color~~ Can I say I LOVE it!! Eventually alot of things will be getting re-painted to barn red. I am excited. It's the little things that make me happy!! LOL
Back in the spring we bought this double wash stand from a local flea market. The cool story about the flower in it, is that when we had a huge wind storm in our town alot of trees went down and things and flowers were destroyed. I was taking Brooke's boyfriend home and I saw this big pot out in the garbage cuz the pot was cracked. I know the lady probably paid alot for the pot of geraniums and ivy. I separated it and planted it in the tubs. I think it is beautiful and I smile every time I come in the driveway and look at it. A gift from God for sure.
Plus I find some of my coolest things in others trash!! LOL
In this tub I just threw in a couple of seed packages of zinnias. Not sure what would happen I am quite pleased that for just pennies I got pretty blooms!!

 These are my flocks in front of my rusty bike. They are always so pretty and look great with my rusty gigs.

 And here are my cool Black Eyed Susan's. My BFF gave me a shovel full one time and Kaitlin just planted them here cuz she got tired of me trying to decide where to put them!! They are so pretty and the funny thing is my friend has none now and I told her I wouldn't give her any back!! LOL She has threatened me to come and get some when I am not home!! 

 This cool rusty wagon is a auction win from the same place as the double washtub stand came from! I just love these cool farm junque together. These are my mark down flowers. Thank God for the rain we have had!!

No sillies I don't sell eggs!! Why? becuz I am zoned NOT to have chickens or else I would!! But Sim got this sign for me!! I LOVE it!! And that is a pretty good price for eggs!! My niece is raising chickens and she gives us eggs! Which is pretty cool!!
Our little homestead is startin to look like a little farm. It takes time and money that's for sure. This summer we have been able to pick up a some things to make our homestead look more farm-ey. Sim took me on alittle getaway. We just got back from THE THUMB OF MICHIGAN going on the Antique and Yard Sale Trail around the thumb of Michigan. I got some cool finds for my creations. The blanket on my clothesline I got for making piggs!! I am still workin on the Pigg Bride doll. Kaitlin has settled into her apartment and I am adjusting. It helped to get away and free my mind. 
XOXO Love Fran.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy August!!!

Oh dear blogging friends I have messed up my computer so bad!! I miss you guys a lot!! I love my blog and I am trying really hard to fix it!! I finally got some pics to load!! It is my upcycled tomatoes from an old sweat shirt. I am working on piggs still and have a special order for one!! And I am working on a bride pigg doll!! Yes a bride pigg doll make do!! I have been designing it and having a blast!! OMG!! it is gonna rock!!
These little sweeties already went to market
but the piggs are my best friends right now!!
I am living on the funny farm guys!!
Kaitlin is moving this Sunday to Connecticut and it has been a crazy week here!! Family parties and Mommy/Daughter Day. I have pics to share but my computer won't let me!! I am really gonna need some creating to do and blogging cuz I am gonna miss my baby girl real bad!! Kaitlin will be going to GRAD School for her Masters in Public Administration!! She's attending the University of Connecticut!! Go Huskies!!
Here are a few pics of her since she graduated from high school!!

Kaitlin rocks and she will shine in her new adventure! And guess what I can visit her alot and I have never seen the ocean so I will get to see it with her!!
And for me I am gonna be creating a lot cuz I am sure gonna miss her!!
XOXO Love Fran.
PS Thanks for listening!!