Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's me again!!!

Well, I thought I'd share a few pics of another swap I was in this summer! It was Lori's from http://www.perfectisboring.blogspot.com/  "Polka Dot Swap" she has the neatest swaps and I always look forward to them!! My partner was my friend Jessica from http://www.jessicarodarte.blogspot.com/. She herself loves polka dots, and she is so talented. I did hers in colors she loves, aqua, pink and yellow. Let me tell you I had a blast thrifting and antique shopping for her!! She has more pictures on her blog. She loves images of little children so I got her a few books. The dotted swiss material I got from one of my favorite catholic church sales I look forward to every year. I got alot of the vintage items at one of my favorite antique shops in alittle town not to far from here. I had alot of fun putting this together for Jessica. I wanted it to be special, as she is pretty great herself.

Now check out what she sent me and made me!! Can you understand why now I love these colors!! Orange and brown!! She made this awesome pretty pocket organizer with brown dotted fabric and cool orange flowers! She did a swap for these organizers, I was alittle scared to try to make one, but now I know I can and will! I was so excited to get one!! and she makes the covered matchboxes too and put a coffee tag distressing kit together in it! Love it! There was a button jar with orange and brown buttons in it, with a large orange flower on top. One of her empherma kits, and a bingo card wrapped in trims! and can you believe even my favorite candy matches!! I borrowed these pics from Jessica. She posted about our swap on her blog. Check it out, she has more great pics on there. I love Jessica she is a rockstar.

Sim and I went to my nephews wedding on Saturday night. Ok I hate to have my picture taken. Sim's cuzin Denise took this from across the table with her cell phone. It's not to bad. I am my own worse critic, I needed to fix my bangs!! I noticed I am hanging onto his tie. In our wedding picture I am hanging on to his sleeve! lol I don't know why!! It was a beautiful wedding all done in fall colors and decorations. We got to see Caylee our grandaughter!! We even danced alot!!

I am crafting away as much as I can. My first craft show is in two weeks! Oh boy! I am co-chairing it again at my church. I said I wasn't going to but they needed the help! I'll show ya some pictures of my goodies soon!  XO Fran.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting back on my feet!!! and a few more creations!!

 It feels so good to be getting back to reality after a week pretty much spent on my couch!! Here are some of my little prim and grubby dresses I make. They vary in sizes, from 5-6 inches, to 6-7 inches. I have put little grubby tags on them, labeling them for different things the little girls might to do. I put a pin apron on the chore dress. They have twig hangers tied with jute to hang them on pegs or wherever you like. I have a few more of these made up and ready to be grubbied up! I am geting in the crafting/sewing mood! On my first outing yesterday with Sim, we went and got the paint for my craft room! I am so excited!! The color is called Macaroni!! I wanted the color to be like the color of burlap. I am making little candy holders out of toilet paper rolls right now. They are turning out so cute!! I'll show them when I get them all done. The trees are so pretty here right now. I just love Fall. XO Fran.