Friday, May 30, 2014

Well hello Beautiful Friends!!

The sweetest lady special ordered these lil tomatoes from me!! They are so cute!! I used all scraps for them. They measure 1 inch across. Funny thing I made one for her and one for me I have another set just like it!! I added the lil chick for the photo shoot!!! I digg the little pie pan they are in!!

I also had the Funky farmhouse baby shower for my granddaughter coming in July!! Ok my name is Fran. I couldn't find my camera for the whole time of the shower. This is the next day and is the set up I had for the cupcakes and cake. That is a old pull toy I put my glass plates on and some in the front. I used glass snack sets and real silverware except for the plastic forks for the cake.  And yes I found my camera the next morning. They were 36 ladies/kids here. LOL I didn't know half of them cuz we did the two families together. I am the step Mom and Nick's Mom invited her ladies here. Oh my Thank God my BFF was here and my sweet DIL helped also!! And of course I planned to have it outside it got a bit chilly so inside they all came!! Yes I had a panic attack! No kidding!! LOL And that morning when I went out to the barn to get something for the shindig I fell and broke my little toe!! But all is good I have learned to laugh at myself cuz if I didn't I would probably be in the looney bin!! LOL or else my family would be!! They just shake their heads some days!! LOL

 Here is another special order I did. This was a special request with her granny's name and year she was born on it. I love these Up cycled sheep and making them!!

 And here is another Tomato I canned!! LOL This one is Red White Blue. I put it into a Quart jar that has a liberty bell on it and says 1776 on top of it and 1976 below it. I added some old ripped up flags I found at the cemetery I pick them up every year after the long winter. I have some in a blue ball jar and they look so cool. I just can't throw them out. This is so cool I love how it turned out!!
Oh I also found this jar in my neighbors trash!! No kidding I got two boxes of old canning jars in her trash!! I couldn't believe this cool one was also in there. So that is why I went Americana with it!! YAY!! It will be heading to the shoppe soon.
And here is my lilac bush on Memorial Day I can't ever remember having lilacs on that day!! Usually they are out for Mother's Day!! This was the last day of it looking good. I picked some bouquets and put them in my bedroom and my daughters and the kitchen!! They didn't last long but smelled good!
This pic is from our church Mother/Daughter Banquet. That is me in the middle. My MIL Marlene behind me and my SIL Carmen in pink her signature color and her DIL Nicole beside me. Nicole is gonna bless us with another baby girl in October!!
 I have been a busy bee LOL but I love it.
Can ya believe summer is here!! Let the good times roll!!
BOOM XOXO Love ya Fran.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

HAPPY MOTHER's DAY My Groovey Friends!!


I hope you guys have a groovey day!!
Love ya, XOXO
PS My Grandma is in the pic behind the cool frog!!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello and come on in!!

 Well I decided I would start at the door and just start cleaning and re-arranging things!!

  All winter I kept thinking I want to bring that wash tub in and put it in the hallway. It was on my porch. And now I am so glad I did!! I LOVE IT!!
 This is above the wash tub. It is an old window frame we found on the burn pile of an old house that was empty.
 When you walk in the door right by it I put a wooden prim chair, and on it I put my very cool doll I got for $2.00 at an estate sale last summer!! She has a vintage baby dress and shoes and socks on!! And then this lady just gave me the vintage horse 1940's toy softie cuz I loved it and it came from her Grandpa's farm. Some of my quilts in a basket next to it. One is a family quilt.
I have a small collection of blue ball jars. These are my four biggest ones. They are under the chair in a rusty canning basket.
The other area from the wash tub just a gathering of some of my favorite thrifting and family things. I have about three old clothes pin bags hanging up too. I am moving my way into the kitchen and dining room and then the living room!!
We are getting a lot done here around the funky farm. As of last week Sim and Nick fixed our roof that was leaking!! And fixed the problem that we have had for years!! Now they are trading work with each other to fix stuff!! It's so cute and great!! Nick can paint and fix our ceilings and Sim can help dig the post holes for the fence!!
And right in the middle of it on Monday five days before the baby shower I have to have my out patient surgery for my bladder medicine!! LOL That's how things go for me!! So I am getting a butt kicking!! LOL But I love the pressure of having to get all the house done by Sunday!! And then next week I can do the fun stuff for the shower!! I am so excited!!
I hope you are enjoying the Spring!!
Keep on Keepin on!!
XOXO Love Fran.