Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Celebrating 175 years!!

 My church turned 175 years old this year!! I am the Church Historian and I have been working on this for almost a year now! The celebration was this past weekend. We have the only historical marker in my hometown. As you know I love history of all kinds. So this is the perfect thing for me. I didn't realize though exactly how hard it was gonna be!! LOL I reached out to the community for wedding pictures. I kept thinking what has brought this church together the most over the years.!! WEDDINGS!! Alot of the weddings took place in the 50's. That is just about how far I could go back for pictures to be donated. The dress in the back belongs to me and was given to me when Hunny died a year ago by the family. I also got her wedding photo and old cake top. What a blessing I put her dress on my mannequin and the other dress is from the 1930's from another lady moms wedding but not at our church.

This is a close up of the dress.

This is a closeup of her wedding. 

The displays looked so pretty. My vision came together real good. We also had some other displays.

This one has Hunny's fur cape. The other coat with the fur collar belonged to an awesome lady that went to our church for years. It was found in the crawl space of her house after she died. The guy who bought the house was selling it at a sale. The black purse also belonged to another lady from my church and I just happened to go by when her son had a sale. Other vintage items are mine from estate sales. 
Most of these items are displayed at my house in my vintage living room.
 These cool hats belong to a another friend from church Mother's. Her Mother wore hats and gloves all the time. Some were even made by her Mother.
There was another big display from the Sunday School class. I had another table set up with vintage photos and information through the last 175 years. It was a three day event with music on Friday night, an open house and luncheon on Saturday. And then on Sunday we had people in our church service throughout the years that came back to help us celebrate!! and we had an awesome dinner afterwards.

This was the place mats we used that one of the men from my church donated for us. It is a vintage map from the 1800's with the streets and our church shown on it!! It was so cool of him to do that for us!! It added to the celebration. Our church is so pretty and it was all decorated for Fall. It was great having it but I am glad it's over. It has taken up alot of my time but was worth it.
Now I am ready to get back creating and focusing on the two craft shows I have coming up. 
XOXO Love Fran.