Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just some things I love to recycle!!

Just thought I show you something I love to make!!! I've been making these little pin cushions for awhile now. People just love them at the sales I sell them at. It was kinda funny how I got the ideal for them. I kept seeing a little girls dress shoe on the side of the expressway I always travel on. I kept thinking I can do something with that. But knowing it's to dangerous to stop on that part of the e-way. I didn't get it. Then one day I was looking at my cutter quilt pieces and thought I know, I can make pin cushions combining them both! Plus I love to make the tags too. I always buy any cutter quilt pieces I see as it breaks my heart to see people cut them like that. I also use vintage materials. Right now is the time of year I pick up the sweet shoes, and look for more cutter quilts at the sales. These are the ones I have left right now. My next adventure of using something to recycle from the expressway is the brown liquor bottles I see!! This time I did stop and get one as it is a safer place to stop. I told my friend and she just kept saying" you really stopped and got the bottle?" She couldn't believe!! But I did!! LOL and my daughters friend came in and saw it drying on my dish drainer and said "Fran. you don't drink"!! I told her and Kati what I was doing with it, both just shook their heads and understood!! I'll show ya that when I finish up with it!! Here is another cute one I did alittle country/prim style. The scuffs are from the little girl who wore them!! Love it!!