Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Been makin Thumbprints in The Thumb of Michigan!!

WOW!! has it been a long time since I last posted!! But I have been  kinda busy I guess!! LOL We went on our annual vacation Sim and I take every year in June to The Thumb of Michigan. I look so forward to this cuz it is just Sim and I. This cool rusty wrecker is in a little town called Snover, Michigan. The guy who owns it is gonna re-do it and it was his Dads and his Dad used it all the time. It is in my favorite color!! RUST!!!

We had a very frugal vacation and I tell you what I loved it!! One of my favorite things we did was to pack sack lunches and take our bikes and head to a couple of little PO-dunk towns. We rode our bikes through the towns and then went to the railroad beds!! To look for my favorite thing!! Rusty items!! Here are a couple of pics and if you look real close at the last one you can see a deer!! That deer watched us for the longest time!! LOL They are so curious!

We saw a lot of deer!! We would go out around dusk and look for them!! Here is another one that just stared at us for the longest time!! Which was kinda great for me cuz I was designing a deer head and was trying to figure the placement of their ears out!! LOL I had bought an old corduroy coat at a garage sale and decided to make some deer and use stuff I found in the woods. It took me all week to get it right!! LOL

Here is a sneak peek at my deer head!! It is smaller than it looks!! I took that deer with me on a few rides LOL to look at deer!! I was calling him "John Deer"!! I've got him all grubbied up now and will be making his deer camp for him and selling him. It was a lot of fun to make him.
AND then the very next day after we got back we had a very weird storm with winds that were 70 miles an hour and guess what our power was out for two days!! Oh boy always something!! LOL This is a tree that had a rope swing that Kaitlin use to swing on!! My hometown lost so many trees it will never look the same!! The good news is no one got hurt!!
But it is good to be back to somewhat normal now!! Trying to catch up on things!! I have missed everyone as my computer was messing up too!! It seems like this summer is already flying by!! June is almost over!! Can ya believe it!! Next week is the 4th of July!! I haven't even decorated for it. Hope everyone is doing good and it feels so good to be back.
XOXO Love ya Fran.