Monday, March 18, 2013

Come share a cuppa Spring with me!!!


Well I can't stand it any longer so I decided if Spring wasn't coming soon I was gonna bring it to me!!!! This is my favorite cup for my coffee with my favorite color orange on it!! So when I saw the orange peeps I decided to get them. I had seen something like this on Pinterest. I did this for me to brighten up my coffee and day!!! And I did eat them too!! They were very yummy!!

Along with getting the peeps I got two new cleaning cloths!! And guess what!! they are orange too!! I know I will dust a lot more and with a smile on my face!! I decided to go with my fav color!!

And my new "ORANGE" purse. Sim got this purse for me from the hospital gift shop and I have been waiting til the first day of Spring to use it!!! Which is Wednesday!!! YAY only two more days!!! I think!! LOL Now I gotta put outfits together!!! Which I need to go through my closets! And I am looking forward to Spring Cleaning!!! both the closets and the house.
I got some new Springy materials at Joann's. The dog prints are gonna be sweet dresses for my Prim Raggedy Dog Dolls I am sewing up right now. The one print is so cute with the little boots on the dogs feet!! The other two prints I just really liked a lot!!
Well I know everyone is waiting for Spring as much as I am!!
Thanks for stopping by!!! XOXO Luv ya Fran.