Thursday, July 14, 2011


                                  WHERE THE BAGGLADY CREATES!!!!

Well I thought I'd join in on the fun this year for the "Where Bloggers Create Party" that Karen is hosting from  This is my mannequin and I don't have a name for her, but I love her!! The fur coat was given to me when Sim's aunt passed away. It is a burnt orange color and I love it. The hat we found on one of our outings and it matches the room perfect.

These suitcases are on one side of the manniquin and the top suitcase was my Grandma's. She used it all the time. I keep supplies in it and put a tag on it that says "needful things". The second holds my yarn and I put a tag that says "winter thyme" on it. The last one I just got on my vacation and I love it. It holds treasures from our trip.
On top of the suitcases is an old rusty canning rack that holds jars of my supplies. And also some of my new tomato pin keeps I am getting ready to put on Etsy. Also an upcycled jar of vintage strawberries.

This is the closet on the other side and as you can see I use it to hold plastic shoe box size containers for alot of my supplies. I put curtains over the doorway.

Right outside that closet is my "bagglady cart". I really have used this as a bagg lady that I played at church and for Halloweens. I also use it for big outside sales and flea markets. But in my room I use it for all my mailing supplies. I use alot of recycled boxes, papers, etc. So I have to keep it out in the open. But that's ok I can easily get to it.

I love this old cupboard I keep my Etsy items I have listed in there and some more of my supplies. On top I keep old jars with different supplies and some vintage items too.

This a shelf I have over in the corner. I put some of my favorites on the top. A few of them have come from other bloggers from swaps and some are just friendship gifts and a couple of things I have made. My crochet hooks are in the wine holder and magazines are in the burlap container. On the shelves are my books to sell and papers for the computer and some more of my supplies.

This is a very cool primitive pouting chair that Sim got me for my birthday along with my inspiration gate. I put my "nest purse" on it that I upcycled from an old hat box.

This is parts of my inspiration gate hanging over my desk. It was hard to get one big picture of it so I broke it down. You can see I have some special things hanging on it from swaps, tags I've made, pictures, old hats, and a vintage baby dress a friend gave to me. The dried flowers Sim bought for me for my birthday too. I won the really cool purse from Debbie and Nicole over at Stop by, their stuff is really awesome!! I still have room to grow on my gate!! I'm sure I'll have it filled up soon!!

I love using jars and these are my amber vintage jars. Most of these were my Mom's. She wasn't using them anymore so I asked if I could have them. They hold alot of supplies in them!! I love them. I use jars all over the place. LOL 

This is my desk where I make things and look at books like this for new ideals. Notice I have to have my glasses everywhere!! LOL

I got these metal file drawers at an estate where one of our very popular jewelers lived. There are still repair orders in there. I am using it to file things too. The vintage pattern on top I want to make me a shirt like with some of my vintage material. I think that is a winter project though!!

And this is where I do my blogging!! I have to have a TV and always have my cup of coffee with me. That is our little granddaughter Caylee on our screen saver!! I got the kitchen farm table from some money I made from a craft show and Sim painted it green for me. It is perfect for our computer. I have to share this computer with Sim and Kaitlin but that is all they do in here. I love this room that Sim helped me to be able to have a place to create in. I love it and spend quite a bit of time in here. Thanks for stopping by. XO Fran.