Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!! Well Sorta and meet my new Raggedy Fran. Bagg Dolls!!

Drawing the winner of my giveaway!!!

I had Sim draw the name for me from my new cute planter and by the gnomes he just got for me!!
And the winner is Karen Hess!! Karen is a doll and lives in Arizona!! She makes beautiful jewelry and altered art!!! Yay Karen!!!

And I would like you to meet my newest Raggedy Fran. doll!! This is "Eliza Jane". She was so fun to make and is the second one in my newest design and all hand sewn. Her dress is made from vintage feedsack material that my dear blog friend Lea sent me!! I just love naming my dolls!! Their names just come to my mind as I am sewing them! She is very prim and grubby and was baked in the sun to dry! She smells yummy!! I will be listing her in my Etsy shoppe tonight. I just love her green raggedy hair! Her body is upcycled from an old flannel blanket. I have already started on number three!!!

Here is "Eliza Jane" with her sista "Libbie Rose"!!! Aren't they just so sweet together?

Thanks to all of you that signed up up for my giveaway!! I am planning on having another one this summer. I am also working on some upcycled clothes pin baggs!! I'll be sharing those sometime soon also!! I am getting my groove back and all I want to do is create!! LOL I made tacos last night out of ground turkey and they were really good! I was so proud of myself!! LOL  And I am eating right which is amazing for me. LOL
XOXO Love ya's Frannie