Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Rusty Muse!! and a special birthday!!!


This is my new cool little sign I made for my Rusty Junque Creations!! It is made from a pop top I found in the parking lot at the grocery store. And then I typed with my old vintage typewriter "FRAN'S JUNQUE" I have it sitting in a litte rusty spring I found. 
 I had been thinking for quite awhile that I wanted to make things from my rusty little finds. So I just went for it!!!
And this is what I came up with!! It is small and is on 2 inch wooden spool. The sheep is up cycled from an old coat and I used a rusty car part and rusty larger washer. I grubbied it up real good and dryed it in the sun!! This turned out so awesome and I LOVED it!! It SOLD in like 15 minutes after I put it on my facebook page!! Woo Hoo!! It lives in Virginia now!! I have another one almost ready to be finished!! And I am diggin it!! I am designing more too. I always see things in the junque I pick up. It feels real good to know that other people love what I make also. I guess I am officially an up cycled artist now!! LOL
On Friday we went down and celebrated Caylee's 3rd birthday!! She is so cute. We got her gardening stuff so she can be like Papa Sim and Grannie Frannie. We found a Little Princess greenhouse that was so cool. And got her some gloves and things to go with it.

I LOVE this picture of Caylee and her Daddy. Ryan and Christine got her a bike. Daddy is telling her how to ride it!! Precious moments!! That is her Mommy's legs in the pic!! I just captured this moment and I was so glad I did. She is  such a blessing!!
I am just working around the house and enjoying the sunshine and nice weather. To soon to go outside to work. But in a week or so I will feel more like it. I always have a lot of things I can work on inside!! LOL I want to make more things with my rusty goodies. I have been waiting along time to get my mojo going on it. And now it is here!! LOL I want to be able to go find more rusty goodies too. That part is a lot of fun!! Hope you are all doing great!!
Peace Out Love ya
XOXO Fran.


Primitive Stars said...

Hey Sister Friend, what wonderful rusty goodies your creatating, way to go!!!!! Love the lamb on the spool, how great she found a home so soon......Your Granddaughter is adorable, cute picture with Daddy......really nice temps out today, finally....Enjoy the week, Prim Hugs Francine.

mysteryhistorymom said...

Fran- You make the loveliest treasures out of the simplest things, dear friend! Love the pictures of sweet Caylee- she is a sweet pea!:) Lori

Jewels said...

Love the rust Fran lol. By the way did you get my email about an old Nancy Drew book? I think I may have sent while you were dealing with your health stuff (which I am sure you are glad is over). Let me know...

Earlene Landis said...

Fran the lamb is so cute...good job.
Your granddaughter is adorable and bet she loves her new bike.
Yay finally warmer weather.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Such a sweet new lamb you made and love your rusty sign! :) Happy Monday! xo Holly

Jacqueline said...

Good golly, I cannot believe Caylee is having another birthday Fran! Get this, little Alder is turning one this weekend! Ekkk...I'm growing into a oldie but goodie granny by the minute!

I've been revamping my blog, miss your visits dear one but more than anything, I simply miss you.

I love your's you and it's me and it's a whole lot of other's out there that are sure to love it.
Good job Fran!