Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh My Goodness!!! so much to catch up on!!

 Here is alittle tour of my walk I took today. Sim made this hose wreath for me last Fall. I LOVE it and it helps to remind me that I can get out gardening soon!!

  I was outside drying a piece of coffee/spice dyed lace when I saw this!! A gift from God!! Even though it is a creeping weed it has beautiful flowers!

Ok don't laugh but he is my friend!! And yes I talk to him! I just call him Sweetie Pie. I had surgery again on Friday and I did great!! No aspirating this time!! And boy did they baby me and kiss my butt!! LOL So I have been talking to the animals. My neighbors cats come over too!! Cuz we feed the birds. LOL I have been sleeping a lot due to stronger pain pills but I am weaning myself off them and getting some sewing done.

I am finishing up this little cutie!! How do you like the dolie hat on her? It is handmade from some cotton thread I bought at Salvo. The lady who ordered her likes the original one that looked like a dolie. I had a hard time trying to get one like it. So I came up with this!! I like it myself.

And Sim got these for me from the hospital gift shop. He was so excited that I was ok!! LOL He loves to spoil me!! These are reading glasses and they are perfect for my hand sewing!! I am digging the bubble tear drop earrings too!!
 And my MIL brought this cupcake over to me!! She said it looked like a Fran. cupcake!! LOL It does doesn't it? (it was delicious too!!)
I have been watching a lot of TV and sleeping a lot. Tomorrow I get to go bye bye!! LOL We have errands to run and then I found a church sale that starts tomorrow!! Now it is really getting to be Spring!! Woo Hoo!!!
So glad to be back and also getting my mojo back!! Now I have another three months of doing things and having fun before the next surgery procedure!! At least it will be summer by then!!!
XOXO Love ya and Peace out!!!


The Moonlit Stitch said...

Glad your surgery went well Fran, gee you are a trooper, I would be causing chaos and inflicting drama! LOL! Love those glasses & earrings, pretty cool your hubby picked them out! Enjoy your nature walks & good luck at the sale! ~*~Lisa

Prims By The Water said...

Hope you are feeling better Mrs I mean Fran. I talk to my animals too! ;0) Love your newest creation. Janice

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Sister Friend, glad to hear your surgery went well, yay!!!! great glasses earrings, so sweet of Sim........I always talk to the animals too...Another sweet prim creation you made......Enjoy your little trip, Hugs Francine.

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

The hose wreathe is so cute! Perfect for out in the garden! I can't wait for some warm weather and sunshine here!! Hope you are feeling better! Cute new earrings too! :) xx Holly

Jacqueline said...

Dear Fran,

I'm so glad you are doing better and this surgery went better. I have been praying for you for many different issues.

I adore that hose that Simm's made! Very very cool. I was just thinking of you yesterday because in May, I've decided to help the senior ladies make little show pincushions for Mother's Day. They love doing crafts and so do I. We were blessed with a gal that gave the senior living three big boxes of unused craft supplies!

I will message you or email you when I get a minute about Celebrating Home, ran into one BIG SNAG!!! Ugh!

Love you much and happy weekend. My thoughts travel to you often and prayers are always sent.

Lea said...

Hope you're feeling better now Frannie! Love your creations and the cute wreath your Hubby made. How sweet that he got you those cute spectacles and earbobs! I'd have scarfed that cupcake. Ya know... I think a cupcake like that can make just about evverything all better. lol Hope Spring comes to stay soon! Love your little blue flowers!