Thursday, December 8, 2011

My newest little cuties and some more Christmas Baking!!

Here is my newest little cutie I've been making! I just love how these turned out!! I used old wooden spools from my jar. These only measure 2 1/2'. I even made the stick pins that I put in them. I still like the red and green colors. I have these two listed in my Etsy shoppe. I will be making one of these for myself. Maybe it's the 70's girl in me but I just love the mushroom!!  

I thought they looked so sweet with my grubby Snowman ornaments.

Here is my latest baking project! This is another pumpkin bread recipe and I got the bread baker from Etsy. I love it and it turns out so cute!! I splurged and bought this for me! Oops! But I have also wanted one of these for awhile! I plan on making regular bread in it all winter. We finally got a new furnace last night! YAY!! We were without heat for six days! Oh my goodness so cold in this Michigan weather! That is why I have been doing alot of baking and cooking in the oven! LOL But God blessed us with a family member who did everything he could for us. And in the end he had to change the whole big brain part! No duct work though!!! And he only charged us a very small amount but we know that he paid for the rest. Yes I have been praising God and thanking Him for the Angels He puts in our lives!!
I'm off to see my son at his group home, somehow he sprained his foot. I need to go and hug him, and Kaitlin is taking him some Mickey D's, his favorite!!! The rush is on!! But I am still loving it!!
XO Frannie


Trace4J said...

I just love the sweet snowman and mushrooms. So cute. And uh oh I love the pumpkin bread and baker.I have to find me one of those bakers. I love to bake bread too.
And you look so pretty in your headband and vest.
Hugs to you

Lea said...

I echo Tracy's love for your cute lil mushyrooms n snowmen! CUTE CUTE! And you must tell me more about that bread baker. You have my curiosity up now. Holycanoly you were without heat up there in Michigan?! Ohmy STARSNGARTERS! Girl... do you have frostbite? This olde pansy woulda been crawlin INTO that oven. :D I'm so happy for you getting your heater all fixed and that you got to keep your old duct work. I'm praising God with you! Sounds like He sent you an angel!!! Holykisses friend, now I'm gonna be watching and hoping you write more about that bread bakin k? Lea

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

God is so good!!
Loving your little cuties. And then you doing some holiday baking on top of it! Haven't done any holiday baking yet. The kids are asking where the cookies with the kisses and the ritz cracker ones are. I tell them I'll get to it in my spare time!! LOL!
That baker is so cute.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

The mushroom pin cushions are so cute!

Jacqueline said...

Hi sugar pie, honey bunch. By now you are over and done with another surgery. I saw that Sim sent us all a message on Facebook. Covering you in prayer, as always.

You know I love your little mushrooms! I have one too sitting cute as can be with my rabbit collection on a way high!

What a blessing about the furnace. That is so kind when folks do random acts of pure kindness and help us out. We all need to be loved and love shared is the best!

We found out yesterday that the grandbaby is a boy! I'm so giddy and excited about all these baby days ahead.

Christmas will be down in Seattle this year with my son, wife and baby who is still in the oven! Everyone will come but poor Len has to work. I'm so sad about this but he is a front end manager in the grocery store and he had to work. As my little family grows we seem to be spread thin at Christmas so all we can do is the best we can.

I'm off to the store today, I'm thinking it will be a very busy day!

Love to you,
Stay Merry and Bright!