Saturday, December 3, 2011

Can I get a Woot Woot!!

Yesterday and today I was at a craft show. This one was so much better than the last one! I met some new people and really enjoyed it. It is such hard work. I love it when God gives you surprises. I met another Etsy artist and of course I did alittle shopping. I took some pics to share with you of my table and some of my goodies I've been making and selling. 

These are just a few of my pin cushions I had left and my prim needful clothespins, and spools. In the background more of my Hot Chocolate Mix. I am selling that pretty good and my chocolate Nut Clusters were a big hit along with my chocolate cherry and orange slices.

Here is what is left of my prim grubby ornies. I love making these and I have them displayed in an old desk divided drawer with some faux greens. The bigger snowman faces are my ones made out of upcycled blankets. These are all hand sewed by me. My most favorite way to sew!! I sewed a couple of Snowman ornaments while I was there. I can't just sit there! LOL Anyways I guess this lady was watching and I didn't know it, and when I was done I put the first one done on the table for sale and she came over and bought it from me. She loved it! I sure got a hoot out that!! But was very flattered!!

Here are my Tomato Pin Cushions I put into an old canning funnel. These are so cute and I have listed these in my Etsy before and will be listing these little beauty's too this week. They are only five inches across. They look so cute and prim in this fruit basket and shredding. I added one of my handmade tags that says "Homemade".

This is also one of my upcycled "Nest" spoons I had left over from my Fall crafts. They turned out so cute. I had little battery operated tea lights sitting around on my table with my grubby coffee dyed doilies. And a couple of bigger red battery operated candles too. They look so sweet on there and are safe.

This is a pic of me being happy!! LOL Brooke took this of me after we got home from getting some supper. We were having fun and laughing cuz some of the pics were pretty funny!! I got a new headband that is so cool. It has fur on it and is a rosette. I just love it!! You can kinda see it in the picture. I love wearing these vests for the winter. You can wear them for dress up or just casual which is what I love about them. I so want a faux fur one!

This is the pic I took of Brooke. Funny story the craft show I was at just happened to be the same one that Brooke's Workshop was at also!! She volunteered to work on Saturday. So we hung out all day together. Well sorta she was at their table and I was at mine. I was so proud of her!! And we had a good day. We are both tired and were really hungry so went out to the Classic Coney Island up in town. Now we are both in our PJ's!! Our furnace broke down yesterday and needs a part but won't be able to get it until Monday. So we are both in our rooms cuddled up in our blankeys too!! Our house is pretty cold right now! Kaitlin left and went to her Aunts for the night! I guess we are troopers and will just stay bundled up!! LOL
XO Frannie.  



Georgie Horn said...

Looks like fun!

Jewels said...

Woot Woot Fran - sounds like you had a wonderful time! Love your pincushions...Stay warm as best you can ...

mysteryhistorymom said...

I know you have lots of cozy blankies at your house, Franny! Drink lots of your homemade hot chocolate and stay warm! I loved seeing all your creations! How exciting that the lady bought the snowman as soon as you were done!:) Lori

artistamyjo said...

Wow you made some great treasures and had fun too !
Stay warm, Hugs

Jacqueline said...

I am thrilled and doing a dance on the tin rooftop. (see my post today on Once Upon a Fairyland rooftop memories!)

So happy you did well and had fun. Can you make a tomato pin cushion in red for me? My friend Nico has a tomato theme going on. No hurry, sometime after Christmas is fine.
Love seeing your happy face. I love what you are wearing too...I love, I love...oh shoot, every little thing about you...
Sigh and a hug,

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

What fun--and you and Brooke got to hang out together!! Yeah!! I hope you got your furnace fixed. Stay warm and cozy.

Angie Berry said...

Looks like you had a good time! Craft shows are fun, but having fun at them is what's important, hehe. I love all the things you've been making... you've been one busy girl! Glad you had a good show. Cute pictures of both of you girls!