Friday, April 13, 2012


It felt so good yesterday to finally get outside and get my hands dirty!!! I started cleaning out the garden by front porch. This is L shaped around the porch and took me quite awhile to do!! LOL I am slow but I tell ya I feel like I can breathe again! I am really sore today but the sun is shining again!!

I have prim roses in here which actually have blooms on them!! Yay flowers blooming! There is a mum and an old vintage coffee can with the flowers coming back from last year. This little fence is actually a very small pallet. Sim put it on there for me and I just love the fact that I can decorate it!

Since I am not zoned for chickens where we live I have this metal cutey right in the corner of this little spot. So it kinda looks like I have a chicken!! He is very well behaved!!!

This is the other part of the L and why it took me alittle while! LOL So I just have the rest of the gardens to work on which all need it real bad!! I love it though getting out there. Today I ran errands and have to get some work done inside! Tomorrow I have a play date with Sim!!! We are going to this new Antique Market in Flint.  It has over 60,000 sq feet of vendors, it is in an old Hamady Bros. Grocery Store. That was a Harley Shop that moved. The best part is that it is making it already!! My really good friend has a booth there. I haven't seen her this up in a long time about selling antiques! I pray things are starting to look up!! I am gonna buy somethings tomorrow and will share with you!! I have some birthday money and I want to just get some goodies I want but don't need! You know what I mean? Hope you are getting your hands dirty outside!! It's so much fun!!!
XOXO Love, Fran


Primitive Stars said...

Hi Fran,gardens looks great,I`m jealous you have flowers already,LOL!!! Have fun tomorrow antiquing,I`m going tonight,Yey!!!! Blessings Francine.

Trace4J said...

Oh girlfriend you garden looks great. Cute chickie too. Plus side of your chicken is she won't tear up your garden and make a mess.
Have a fun date with Sim.

khess136 said...

Wow, girl, you really got busy!! Love your sweet "L Garden" and all it's decorations. I especially love the rooster...the best kind to have since it won't wake you up at dawn's light!!

Have a beautiful and successful time in Flint ~ wish I could go with you, but I'll be happy viewing your treasures!

The Altered Paper said...

You Have To Show Us A Before & After Pic When Everything Is Green & Blooming! Love Ya! Hugs,Tee

Jewels said...

Fran - so happy to hear you are recovering and feeling better - we have had such lovely weather - good for you getting out and doing clean up (your garden looks much better than mine) - thanks for the tour. I'll be interested to hear about your trip! Cheers, Jewels

Angie Berry said...

Oh yes Fran, I've been enjoying getting my hands dirty also. I've been working the back yard since Feb. Haven't even been to the front yet but we've had lots of rainy days where I couldn't get out there... not that I'm complaining, loving all this rain! Your garden areas are looking great girl! Cute little chicken.

Have a good time at the new antique mall! I'm always buying things I want but don't need, lol. Have fun~

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

I wish I had a green thumb, I know NOTHING about gardening.

Sorry I've been such a recluse lately. It seems like I'm forever playing catch-up, but never actually there.

It's great to see you back to feeling better Auntie!


Theresa said...

You are way ahead of me! I only have my gardens raked, maybe this week I will get out and do some real work in them! Love that wire around the chicken... you don't want him to wander off!LOL t.xooxoxo

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Hey Fran, I got a whole bunch of yard work that needs to be done around here! ;) Your yard looks so good! That's my kind of chicken--even though I would love to have some real ones. Just don't think the neighbors would like it too much.....

Lea said...

Fran it looks BEAUTIFUL and I am lovin that chicken! Happy diggin girl!! xoxo