Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello and Happy Spring!!!

I was pretty sure Spring was here. I saw my first Bluebird!! and my first Robin last week. In the first pic there is a bluebird on top of the feeder and down in the right corner a Robin!! BUT I do live in Michigan and there is a Winter Storm watch for tomorrow with snow, sleet, and freezing rain. I hope it stays up north of here!! I am dreaming of gardening and being outside!!!!

I thought I'd share with you what Kaitlin and I have been doing. I know so many people are having tough times right now and we are no different. So as one of our ways to cut back and try to get ahead we are couponing!! We work together. Cutting and sorting, and matching sales is a job. But we figure we are making money by doing this. We are planning meals too and eating much more healthier. Here is a picture of the last two receipts from when we did our shopping.

We call this our extreme couponing!! On March 4th we saved a total of $105.49 with a savings of 50%, and on March 18th we saved a total $104.57 with a savings of 53%. That makes a total savings of $210.06 in two weeks!! We shop at Kroger's, Sim is a grocery manager for them. It helps with our gas too. Now that our family and friends know we are doing this, we are getting alot of coupons given to us. I appreciate it so much! I have also been using coupons for eating out. It's kinda funny cuz I'll say, wait I think I have a coupon for there! Sometimes it makes the decision alot easier as where we are going!

With having more stuff in the house we were able to make this really good Greek pizza last night! Our church ladies make soup-to-go once a month and yesterday at church they realized the refrigerator wasn't working.So the bread dough started thawing. They were selling little baggies of it for a donation so they didn't have to throw it out. So for a $1.00 donation we made this yummy pizza! We had everything we needed and this kind of pizza doesn't need sauce. Kaitlin is a very good cook, and does alot of our cooking. I'm pretty good at washing the dishes!! LOL I love to bake more than cook. I am really looking forward to more couponing and saving. I am also looking forward to being able to get out and garden and ride my bike.
XO Fran. 


Jewels said...

Yes can you believe ANOTHER dump of snow - I am so bummed about it. Good for you on the savings (and WOW) - I just dont have time but maybe I should start clippin! Jewels

Jennifer said...

I'm great except for my Asthma rught now - inhaled a spray disinfectant cleaner and landed in the ER. It's raining like mad here right now and lightening too. My family was expecting a foot of snow but thank goodness it changed to rain! I love the birds in your post...I especially love bluebirds and hummingbirds. Thinking of you with joy, Jenn

Theresa said...

That pizza looks delicious Fran! My mom used coupons all of the time and I think it was a bit of a rush for her to see how much she could save. she was really amazing at it, me not so much, I am afraid I would buy more things than I would really use, yup mom did that too! We are trying to save everyway we can too, my sis and sil were just talking about couponing this past weekend, maybe you guys will all have me cutting and sorting soon!
We got ice yesterday, today a bit of sunshine! xoxo

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