Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Getting my March Artful Bag Challenge just in time!!!

Our challenge this month was to take any kind of bag we had around the house and embellish it. I remembered that we had gotten this canvas bag at a yard sale when we filled a bag. It actually had been in Sim's trunk since then. I am not a horse person but just kept thinking about it. I also knew we had a photo of Sim's Dad when he was a little boy on a pony in the front yard of his house. We are out of ink on the computer so I took the old photo up to Rite-Aid and had a copy made. It is alittle yellow but I think it gives it the old look still. I put it on one of my handmade coffee dyed tags I make. I also took the bag itself and grubbied it up with alot of coffee dye and cinnamon. The bag had been washed before. I had the burlap webbing for another project I never got around to. The gold star in the corner is covering up an ink stain. The black netting and pearl rosette was a bobby pin I bought from the store on clearance. I just cut off the bobby pin. I really like the way the bag turned out.

We saw Caylee Roxanne over my Mother-in-laws this weekend. Sim put her hat on Caylee and I took a picture of them!! I thought the hat goes really well with the bag!! And it is a picture of Caylee's great Grandpa on the pony. He died before Sim and I were married. So the bag means alot with the picture on it. 
I still can not wait til this yucky winter weather leaves!! I have been so sick the last few days with a sore throat and even a fever!! I just want to get some spring cleaning done and the house all cleaned so I can create more!! 
XO Fran. 


Frosted Petunias said...

Fran this is wonderful. Not just the way you made your bag but the connection to your family. What a great treasure. I love the photo and also how you grubbied the bag up some more. The black netting and pearl rosette are just enough to make it pretty but keep the original rustic feel. Really great job and can I say that little Caylee is too adorable! Thank you so much for sharing again :)


Frosted Petunias said...

Oh I forgot to say I hope you are feeling better too ♥

Jacqueline said...

Hi Fran...

You are such a old soul. Every time I touch one of your little dresses or stockings I think of the wonderful gifts God gave you.

I've read your emails and comments on facebook and I think also of the fact, I'm so blessed to be your friend.

Praying for peace and contentment for both of us this weekend. Stay cozy, I care for you.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Fran, just wanted to thank you and your hubby for stopping in the shop on Saturday. It's always so nice to meet fellow bloggers in person. Also, I'm "following" you now! Have a great week, Dawn