Friday, March 7, 2014

Here's the Sn-irt on me!!!

In case you wanna know Snirt is snow mixed with dirt!! LOL
It was about a week n half ago that I saw my first Robin!! OMG!! I had to get my camera!!! I get so excited when I see one!! Something I always shared with my Mom!! We would call each other as soon as we saw one!! I miss that.
This is a pic of my two handsome step sons. This is at Ryan's going away party a few weeks ago. He is on the right. Nick is on the left. Ryan left us on March 1st for Africa for one year. He is a Navel Reservist and this is his first assignment away from home. We are so proud of him!! His wife Christine is a rock star and Caylee knows daddy will be home by her 5th birthday!! Sim was in the Navy for 12 years so his family knows how to rally together at a time like this. Please keep Ryan and all of our servicemen in your prayers!!!
 Ok I have had this ideal rolling around in my head for awhile!! So I put it together. A pig head on a old rusty hammer!! "HAMM -er- Head" What do you think? I may try a more cutesier head next time. Although I think everything I make no matter what I try to do ends up coming out in my own style somehow!! LOL that being what people call Fran. Style!!! LOL

Ok here is another new gig!! This is my try on a poodle!! I grew up with a poodle dog. Pepie was a white show dog with papers!! We didn't show him but could have!! My favorite memory was when my Mom would color die Pepie for the holidays!! Green for St. Patrick's Day and Pink for Easter and Red for Christmas!! OMG!! he was the coolest!! I named this one "RAGGZ" cuz she went from rich to Raggz cuz I kinda grubbied her up a bit!! and that pom pom on her tail is from my slipper sock that came off!! I up cycled it and it is kinda a bit grubby. It was hard to shoot "RAGGZ" so I did different angles!! LOL Do you think somebody has had a lot of winter? But I look at it this way I am kicking out the gigs and sewing!! LOL
I want to show my livingroom soon but it has been so darn cold I haven't been hanging out in there. Stayin in our room with the heater on!! LOL
Tell me what cha think of my new gigs!! I am curious if I should make some more of the pigs or not? Just be honest with me I can take it!!
Keep on Keepin on!!
Peace out!!
XOXO Love Fran.


Earlene L. said...

I have seen lots of Robins now....yippee, plus the animals are acting like Spring.
Happy Saturday Fran

Primitive Stars said...

Morning Fran, no Robins here yet, hope soon....Love your creations, prim perfect, Happy Weekend, Francine.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

My mom and I do the same thing Fran, with the robins. We are hoping they don't find their way all the way north would be tough going for them. Your new creations are awesome. God bless our military and hope your step son makes it home safe and soon! ~*~Lisa

Prims By The Water said...

The river is so frozen here that the swans are dying..but we continue to see the bald eagles every day...just don't sit still long enough for me to grab a camera. We have 6 adults and a youngster. Bob and I have only seen 4 at a time though. They are awesome! Janice

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

I've seen just a couple robbins here and there, hopefully more and sooner too! :) Such cute creations! Love you poodle!! Those flopped ears are too cute!! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend! xo Holly

khess136 said...

What handsome sons you have and I will keep Nick in my prayers. You're sweet little "folk" are so adorable! I love all the wonderful ideas you have! I love sighting the first robin but it isn't the same here in AZ as it used to be in NY. Thank you for sharing your family, both real and sewn! Love you dear heart....

khess136 said...

Oops! Meant to say Ryan, but I'll keep them both in my prayers😉

Jann Olson said...

Love that word, snirt! Puts the perfect picture in mind of what beautiful snow becomes when it gets all dirty. I get excited every time I see a robin. The first sighting is always the best!
I grew up with a toy poodle in our home. Mom never colored her. What a fun sight that would be! I think the tail is just darling. I am not a pig lover, but I sure think it's funny!