Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hangin out on the East Coast!!

This is where I started right pass the Canada border!! We stayed in Rochester New York the first night. I really like New York and the pretty mountains. The Fall colors were everywhere. I got a coffee cup with this on it!!!

 My most favorite little trip we took was to Mystic Connecticut. I was suppose to see the ocean. But I didn't. Darn it. But I did see the Mystic River in this cool town. Julia Roberts made the movie "Mystic Pizza" here in this little fishing town. We ate at the very place where the movie took place. We got the house speciality pizza minus mushrooms for me!! LOL I hate them bad!! 

It is so cool they play the movie over and over throughout the day. There was a photographer there and he took pics of this couple eating their pizzas they got. It is still very popular after all these years. I got a coffee cup!! LOL

 My next favorite place was "The Cheesecake factory"!!! This was a special lunch for me n Kaitlin. She wanted to take me out to lunch there. As I love cheesecake and The Big Bang Theory!! Oh my gosh this place looks nothing like the one on the Big Bang!!

 Isn't this the coolest column? They are huge and so pretty!! And all through  the restaurant. This one is in Hartford Connecticut where Kaitlin goes to college at The University of Connecticut for her Masters.

 This is the awesome burger I got!! Let me say I could only eat half of it!!

 And this was my piece of Cheesecake I got!! Reese's Pieces Peanut Butter!! OMG it was to die for!! Half of it went home with me!!

 And this one here was my Sister in laws!! S'mores chocolate Cheesecake!! They melted the marsh mellow over it before they brought it out!! She had to take part of it home with her too!!! Seems like they might have even been better the second time around!! LOL

And of course this was one of my very favorite things was to be with my baby girl!!! We had a great lunch and day. We did get to do some shopping. Not much I need things were pretty high priced. 

"The Berry Farm" Berry Spoon

 "Farm Chick" pin cushion
I also wanted to share with you my new line I have started in my etsy shoppe!! It is my "FUNKY FARMHOUSE" section to go with my new Funky Farmhouse I am re-doing around here!! I am just making up alot of cute little things to help you make your farm house look alittle funky too!! And it is alot of fun and I have alot of thoughts and ideals running through my head. Got a few more things that just need a little tweaking and then they will be added to the shoppe!!
Happy October girlfriends!! It's good to be home!!
XOXO Love ya Fran.


Primitive Stars said...

Hello Fran, what a wonderful trip, great times traveling. Yum, cheesecake looks so good. sweet daughter of yours, great picture of you two.....Love the funky farmhouse goodies, Great work, Hugs Francine.

Jewels said...

Always wonderful to spend time with the ones you love Fran - and good eats are just an added extra LOL - I don't think I could have gotten through even a 1/4 of that cheesecake...

Trace4J said...

Morning Frannie
Love love the photo of you and your daughter.
What a wonderful get away.
Nothing like new treasured memories.
Ive missed you.
Woolie Fall Blessings

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Your trip sounds wonderful: good eats, good people, and good times!
Lovin' your new farmhouse line. Keep up the creativeness!

Lea said...

Girl I'm so glad you got to spend some time with your darlin daughter and the food pics you shared had me droolin. That pizza looked amazing....

Love all your funky farm fixins too!
You da bomb diggity chicklet! haha
Have a great day... I've missed you!

Jann Olson said...

Oh my friend looks like you had a great time. Sure wish I could have been there to eat your mushrooms for you. I love them! So happy that you got to spend time with your cute daughter. I love the strawberry spoon and the pincushion!

Weekend-Windup said...

Wonderful trip. Beautiful photos.

Lea said...

Just popping back in to say I MISS YOU!