Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy August!!!

Oh dear blogging friends I have messed up my computer so bad!! I miss you guys a lot!! I love my blog and I am trying really hard to fix it!! I finally got some pics to load!! It is my upcycled tomatoes from an old sweat shirt. I am working on piggs still and have a special order for one!! And I am working on a bride pigg doll!! Yes a bride pigg doll make do!! I have been designing it and having a blast!! OMG!! it is gonna rock!!
These little sweeties already went to market
but the piggs are my best friends right now!!
I am living on the funny farm guys!!
Kaitlin is moving this Sunday to Connecticut and it has been a crazy week here!! Family parties and Mommy/Daughter Day. I have pics to share but my computer won't let me!! I am really gonna need some creating to do and blogging cuz I am gonna miss my baby girl real bad!! Kaitlin will be going to GRAD School for her Masters in Public Administration!! She's attending the University of Connecticut!! Go Huskies!!
Here are a few pics of her since she graduated from high school!!

Kaitlin rocks and she will shine in her new adventure! And guess what I can visit her alot and I have never seen the ocean so I will get to see it with her!!
And for me I am gonna be creating a lot cuz I am sure gonna miss her!!
XOXO Love Fran.
PS Thanks for listening!!


Fran. said...

WOO HOO my comments are back!! I did it!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

Trace4J said...

Welcome Back Friend.
I so know your empty spot with Kaitlyn.
My son just bought his first home.
SO happy for him but sad too.
I miss him soo.
Love your PIGS and tomatoes.
Woolie HUGS

Lea said...

Love your cutsie maters n piglets... and oh that sweet Kaitlyn.... I keep hear your heart missin her already Frannie! You must be so proud of her! Hope you get things figured out in Blogland. Love ya bunches,