Monday, May 20, 2013


MAXI (neighbor cat): How you doin?
Goat: Hey I'm doin!! I like it here!!
This is our new goat!! since we are NOT zoned for us to have any farm animals we decided to trick them! Ha we got a (metal) goat!! I can't get milk or  soap from him but he is very well behaved!! and I love him! I still gotta give him a name. That is my neighbors cat but I gave her the name Maxi. My neighbor has so many cats he doesn't name them and they LOVE to come over to our house cuz we feed the birds!! Oh how I love nature!! LOL 
Can ya Digg how beautiful my lilacs are!! I think this is the prettiest I seen it in many years!! It smells so awesome!! On Saturday we opened all the windows on that side of the house so we could smell it!! I would get out of my car and you could smell it!! Oh for the beauty of the earth!!

Some more of my groovey "Fran's Junque". My sheep has sold. And this is my new raggedy face doll on a make do rusty screw and insulator. Oh I  LOVE makin these!! I am updating her a bit with a bow in her hair and one of my new rusty top flowers then I'll throw her into the shoppe. Sim and I have been takin little walks and gathering more rusty junque for me to create with!!

Here is one of my altered art swap goodies I made. This is a Mad Hatter hat and is only about 3 inches high. This what I gathered from my walk in the woods with Sim. I LOVE watchin "Duck Dynasty"!! I put a tag on it sayin it. I wanted to keep this one so bad!! But I have enough to make myself one. We had to make three of them.
 This one is up cycled from my coffee sleeve from my trip to the mall with my friend.

This one is a spin off of "Minnie Pearl"!! remember her and Hee Haw!!! I LOVED that show!! I up cycled the butterfly part from my birthday card. Added a tag with her pic on it and of course I had to have a price tag so I typed one out on my old vintage typewriter and added faux silk flowers!
Here is a tag I also made for my altered art swap I am in. I Love how the flowers turned out I up cycled them from bottle tops I found in the parking lot of the store. That is a dried black eyed susan from my garden. The theme was flowers.
Oh I tell you I LOVE being an up cycling, recycling, repurposing artist so much!! I believe I have finally found my calling as being a creating person!! I have been thanking God for the gift and for showing me ways I can use my gift.
 I am off to create, catch up on things, and clean the house.
Have a great day!!!
Peace out!!
Love Fran.


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

I love all your creations Fran! Your hats and the new flower tag is sooo cute!! :) Your partners are very lucky!! :) Have a great day, hope you get to play outside some! xo Holly

Primitive Stars said...

Afternoon Girlfriend, how you do in' great I hope......rainy cold day here on our Holiday long you goat, wonderful as are your creations, you are so talented at making crafts......cute hats and love the flower tags.....Enjoy the week, Hugs Francine.

BumbleBeeLane said...

The goat is adorable.We have some weird ordinance in our town were you can have 1 goat and 3 chickens but no one knows about it. LoL our neighbor who works at the borough told me because we are both chicken hats and just love the lamby make do.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Amy said...

Just love you goat,think you should call him tinman. Those Lilacs are gorgeous!

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Love everything Fran! You are truly blessed!

I like Duck Dynasty too. But I have to watch it by myself 'cause I live with a bunch of "uncultured" people. ;)

Lea said...

Love it all Frannie! I hadn't seen your hats before! SO CUTE!!!!! Have a wonderful week!!!

Jackie Jaggers said...

You created a big smile on my face with the goat and I can almost smell the lilacs! I love your hats. You have the coolest idea's Fran!
My Kara loves Duck Dynasty! I love America Pickers!!!! Yep, yep!
Miss you, come visit me sometime on my blog girlfriend!

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

That's so funny! I thought it was a REAL goat and had to do a double-take after reading your story.
So good to see you still crafting away. I find it difficult to get the time and/or motivation and/or inspiration but have been trying extra hard lately.
Stupid cat had me up at 4 am and I'm a zombie today. That's ok though, I'm taking advantage of it by catching up on blogs!