Tuesday, October 2, 2012

These boots were made for walking!! And Fall blessings!!


Check out my new Baby Fat Cowgirl Boots! Sim surprised me and ordered them for me!! I have only been wanting them for about a year!! He spoils me and I love it!! I have a new thrifted outfit already to wear with them. This weekend we are going on a trip to a Woodland Weekend in The Thumb of Michigan with his cuzins. I am so excited and can't wait!! He'll be doing Lumberman things and I'll be looking like a Farmgirl!!! LOL

This is the view out my backdoor. I just love it! I have my own color tour and don't have to spend gas money to look at it!! The last pic is my garden beds that we are getting ready to put up for the winter. Got just a few tomatoes left and need to pick my onions.

On Saturday Sim took me to my favorite place to have breakfast. Tim Horton's!! I love their muffins and donuts so why not have both!! LOL
On Saturday our neighbor gave us these pumpkin pie pumpkins to bake for the pumpkin. Kaitlin and I had never done that before. Oh my goodness it is so easy and makes the house smell yummy!

I found this recipe on Pinterest for Weight Watchers muffins using only a yellow cake mix and 15 ozs of Pumpkin. So I decided to make a cake instead of muffins using the fresh pumpkin and cake mix. Oh my goodness so yummy! Low in calories til Kaitlin made cream cheese frosting and frosted the cake with it! YUMMO!!!


And I had alot of tomatoes still so I made chili with them!! That was delish too! This is half of it left. It usually doesn't last to long around here!! LOL
We had great weather and I felt like I got alot done. I love Fall so much. Since we are remodeling the hallway I'm not to sure how much decorating I will be doing. I also have a craft show on the 13th so I am working on things for that. Got another farmgirl doll almost ready for the shoppe. Smells good in the kitchen today from the grubby coffee spice mixture I use!! Today was a beautiful sunny Fall kinda day!!
XOXO Love, Fran.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Your boots are too cute! Never tried doing the real pumpkins (thought about it) I'm sure they smell yummy baking.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Girlfriend, love your cute new boots, darling. The scenery out your backdoor is breathtaking, lucky you, so pretty. That cake l;ooks mighty yummy to. I love Tim Hortin`s, thats my fav... I didn`t knoe Timmy was in the States, just thought it was Canadian, wow!!! Enjoy the weekend Fran, have fun, Blessings Francine,( your kindred spirit)

Anonymous said...

Darling boots! How nice to have your sweetie surprise you with them. Your backyard pictures are beautiful! What a wonderful scence to wake up to each morning. I have never baked fresh pumpkin yet, but you have motivated me to try. . .if only for the wonderful pumpkin smell. :-)

Lea said...

Girl thems some CAYUUUUTE BOOTIES ya got there! Yeehaaaa! I couldn't be happier for you!!! Love the pics of your place and you must share some of those cakey bars. Now how did you cook those punkins just bake those babies? Hope you share your recipes. The chili looks great too. What time is leftovers tomorrow? haha

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

LOVE those boots. I think I need a new pair.... I've never tried using pie pumpkins. Only ever used the canned stuff. *gasp*. I did try roasting pumpkin seeds before. It was a disaster!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your new boots ROCK! Wow! They are beautiful! You could do a Texas two step in those! Enjoy your week and all the fun you have planned! Hugs!