Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hey Girlfriends I'm Back~~~

I've been making THUMB PRINTS with Sim!!

So this little cutie cabin is where I have been!!

This is just one of the beautiful sunrises I woke up to!! We could only see the sunrise here. Canada is on the other side and they get to see the sunset!!
I rode my bike alot. I loved riding it all over town. Saving gas and being able to just hang out on the beach. I also did another 5K walk and I was so proud of myself!! I hadn't done one in 2 years and becuz of the heat I hadn't been walking here much at home either. BUT I did the walk only 39 seconds longer than my other one!! Oh yes I was proud!! Now I've got my mojo back for getting healthy and walking!! I needed this vaca so bad emotionally and I felt so close to God!! I got renewed and I feel ready to tackle the things I need to here. I am catching up on laundry and getting stuff done. We will be going on another one in a few weeks. It's my most favorite thing to do, we go to the Yard and Antique Sales around the Thumb of Michigan! I find my most favorite things!! It is a blast!! We stay at a Bed n Breakfast and I have become good friends with Christy the owner. She gives me a list of things to find for her cuz she is so busy that weekend her Inn is full!! She is an awesome cook!!

 I would like you to meet "Emmy Bleu" my newest farmgirl Raggedy Fran. doll. She is heading over to my Etsy Shoppe!! What cha think of her? I just love her hair!! She smells yummy too!
I missed everyone and I am trying to catch up!! I won a giveaway just before I left and I won one while I was gone. God is good and I feel so blessed!! When is God good? God is good all the time!! We kept saying this alot to each other while we were gone!! I also sold my cutie "Mud Pie" pig I showed you!! I am doing a happy dance all the way home!!! LOL
Love ya, XOXO Fran.


BumbleBeeLane said...

Your little trip looks like it was relaxing...Thanks for stopping over and visiting me in blogland.I became a follower and am catching up on some of your post to get to know you.Congrats on the walk.I'm sure it made you feel wonderful to know you were capable of doing it still and with 39 seconds,You go girl! Warm Blessings!~Amy

Jewels said...

Heh Fran - it's always great to get the batteries recharged - good for you! I've enjoyed seeing how your blog has evolved and your "bag ladies" - wow that is just great. Keep up with that walking - its all good for you. Cheers. J

Primitive Stars said...

Hello Fran, your holiday sounds oh so wonderful, glad you had such a great time. The little cabin looks so cozy. Congrats on your walk, mojo back for sure. Love your little gal, so sweet. Enjoy the day, Blessings Francine.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

Congrats on the 5k. WOW! I can barely walk to the mailbox without breaking out in a sweat! Love the little cabin, adorable. Your new lady is so cute.