Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here's ROSiE!!!!!!

This is my "BlueBird" Raggedy Fran. doll that I have been talking about!! I have named her "ROSiE". That was my Mom's nick name. Her name was Rose Marie. Like I said one of the last calls to her was to tell her I had seen a bluebird on my porch looking in the window at me!! She told me it meant happiness to see one!! I hand sewed this entire doll also. I made the dress like a jumper and sewed vintage buttons on the shoulders. I made alittle undershirt out of muslin with 3/4 length sleeves. I looked up bluebirds and they have black eyes. The jumper is made out of some thrifted material I got but I thought was the perfect for the breast color. I grubbied all of this up with my special coffee/ spice mixture and added some molasses to.   

I will share her details with you. In this pic the necklas was a book mark that my Mom had.

The little bagg I made from grubby chenille with a grubby muslin strap. On the bagg I added a blue silk rose that I grubbied up also. The rose came from my Moms house. I added one of my little tags and wrote "ROSiE" on it. My Mom painted pictures a few years ago and that is how she signed them. I put the bagg on her with a rusty safety pin.

I am not going to be adding this doll to my Etsy shoppe. She is mine! It has been very healing for me to make her. But if anyone is interested in one I will take orders. I am making another Crow, and some Owls too. I will make another bluebird sometime but this one is special to me. I had bought all of the stuff to make her before my Mom passed. I am working on some things for this Saturday as I am in a Spring Fling Craft and Expo!! I was handpicked for it!! Yay for me cuz I love getting my craft on!! LOL Thanks for checking out my newest creation!!!
XOXO Love, Fran.


Trace4J said...

What a beautiful new treasure you have created! Your mom is smiling away. So happy for you. Im sure you will treasure Rosie forever.
Love & Hugs Trace


Lea said...

Rose is bluetiful!!!!!!!
I'm glad you're keeping this one!
She's too special!! xoxo

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

A beautiful tribute to your mom!! Rosie is just adorable Fran!

Jacqueline said...

I'm sure this is one of the most healing things you could do in this time and space in your life. With the loss of your mom creating a doll just for you was so special. I have a friend that did something the same, she made a quilt out of her mom's sheets.

My mom loved robins and she would look at a real chubby one and say...that's ME! One day we saw a real skinny one and she said...now that one is your DAD! Ha, to this day, everytime I see a robin I check to see if it's plump or thin!

I'm so excited you are at the craft expo today and I'm not shocked to hear you were hand picked like the purest rose in the bunch and pretty too!

I pray for much success and happiness!

Angie Berry said...

That is wonderful Fran! I love how all these things are in honor of your mom, that is so very special. I know your mom would have loved it very much!

Hugs to you my friend~