Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love me some Estate sales!!!

Oh my goodness today Sim took me to an estate sale! Just thought I'd share with you what I got!! I love these three bottles and they were only 50 cents each!!! The two red cap ones will be going in my kitchen and the fancy shaker in my studio. I love old bottles!!!!

This sweet embroidery cloth and baby shoe was in a 50 cent box!!!  

This recipe box I picked up to replace a black plastic one I have that I use. I love the color of it. And this fruit bag I will diffently find something to do with. It will go in my kitchen. The box in my craft studio.

I got these two pieces of vintage material to make more of my Raggedy Dolls. I have been drawing new ones out. I can't wait til I get my muse back so I can start them!!!

And  I got these two small muffin pans to use either for myself for baking or for sorting my projects I am working on. I got all of these goodies for $9.50. It was a great day of thrifting!! The house was really old and was actually three houses put together through out the years. Lot's of old barn wood. It use to be an operating apple orchard. I could have looked more but there were alot of people there. Everyone was having fun and kinda overwhelmed I think. Sim did get me a black typewriting table that he is gonna fix up for me to go with the vintage typewriter he just got me as a surprise!!! I can't wait to use that typewriter!!! Like I said I just gotta get my muse back!! 
XO Love, Fran. 



Trace4J said...

What wonderful treasures friend.
Glad you got out and had some fun.
Sending you a giant hug.

Jewels said...

Wahoo Fran - great stuff you found. And you have a vintage typewriter! I am really jealous - I've been trying to find one for awhile you lucky girl! Take care - going to be cold this weekend - just when I am heading for Sarnia of course :<,,, J

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

Lucky finds :) Laurel

My Primitive Creations by Tonya said...

Sounds like you had a great time Fran... I love estae sales too and any kind of thrifting..
Lots of fun the shoe and the bottles!!

Have a Great Weekend!

Prim Blessings

Lea said...

Oh what fun!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time at that sale! You scored bigtime!!!!

Angie Berry said...

Awesome goodies! I'll say that was a successful estate sale! The vintage typewrite and desk for it will be so neat, can't wait to see them. =]

Have fun with all your new goodies~