Friday, November 18, 2011

Here's what I am busy making and doing!!!

I have been busy making gift baskets and just thought I'd pop in and show you!! I have this little gift basket listed in my Etsy shoppe but wrapped it up pretty to take to the craft show with me tomorrow! Once again Sim will be there with me. I am happy about that! We have had one rough week here! Sim had 2 Aunts die within 9 hours of each other. And then on Monday Brooke found out her Grandma had died. So we had three relatives from this house up at our funeral home. The funerals were on Wednesday, Thursday, and today Friday was Brooke's Grandmas. We also found out that they are closing Sim's Kroger store he is Grocery Manager at this week too. He will be transferred to another store but does not know where yet. It is closing the first of the year. So crafting and getting ready for the craft show sure has been a blessing!! There are alot of blessings in life and I am holding on to them.

Here are a few more gift baskets I made up. I have more done and more to pack up. I will share pics of the show, we are going tonight to set up. It's in a town about a half hour from here. Kinda a cool town. Like I said I am excited to re-focus and spend some time with Sim and Kindred Spirits.  

Thanks for looking I'm off to make some candies and do some packing!!
XO Fran.


Trace4J said...

Fran I found you!
Love the gift baskets!

khess136 said...

I'm so sorry for all of your losses, dear Fran. Having our creative outlet is indeed a blessing during difficult times. Your creations are lovely and I'm sure you'll have great success at the show!

Jacqueline said...

Dearest Fran,

My goodness you have been busy. I knew the craft show was coming up. I hope it was a happy success in every way!

Somehow I missed the fact that you are married to the grocery man. So am I! Len is a front end manager. I know how hearing the news of his transfer must feel. We have been through that a couple of times. I think Len has done every position in the store. It was his first job as a kid and will most likely be his last job till the end.
Praying that an opening will be close but God has it all in the palm of his hand.

I now have Mon and Tuesday off for awhile. It's weird but wonderful. Len has to work today so I'll have two days to myself. I plan to stay home. Kara is coming over tomorrow to straighten my locks again and we are baking her favorite cupcakes as a trial for the wedding. No cake wanted, they are both going with their favorite cupcakes.

Happy Thanksgiving dear one. I think of you so often, I'm so thankful for our friendship.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

I'm so sorry for your losses. I'm so glad God gave you some blessings during your time of grief. Can't wait to hear how the craft show went. Your baskets look lovely.

Angie Berry said...

Oh Fran, I know all too well about the losses of family. We also buried three from our family within two weeks in November. It was a rough month for sure! That's one of the reasons I'm so far behind on everything... Christmas, blogging but somehow it all worked out (well I know that somehow is God) and I'm thankful that He lead us through it.