Monday, July 25, 2011

Feeling groovy, a Mystery Swap, and Sale in my Esty Shoppe!!!!!


I signed up for a Mystery Swap with Tee at . I can't refuse a mystery!! LOL We were to send our partners a regular size envelope with stuff to create a tag, atc, or whatever we wanted with at least 75% of what was in the envelope. Donna at was my partner. Donna is so giving and I was so blessed to receive a larger envelope filled with great goodies! I thought and thought about it and I finally came up with the ideal of trying mixed media on this vintage book. I have been wanting to do mixed media so this was the perfect time. This book has been in my garage for quite awhile as my husband use to make lamps out of vintage books. This is a copy of a picture of this little child, but I fell in love with it. Not knowing if it is a girl or boy I decided to make her a girl and give her the name of Bree. These letters were in the envelope. Actually the only things I used of mine were some vintage lace , green jewels, the paper crown and the book of course. What I am going to do is use the inside of this book to put my other swaps for ATC's, etc. in pockets. Tee has decided this is so much fun she is gonna do it once a month. Sign up it is alot of fun! I know I want to! Go over to Donnas blog and see what she did with my stuff I sent her. It is so cool! I think I sent her way out of her comfort zone!! But she rocked it!!
So I am feeling pretty groovy I just got back from a couple days away with Sim again. This one was not planned and that made it even more special! While we were gone we went to an Auction and oh boy did we have fun! I did alot of cherry picking for the Vintage part of my Etsy Shoppe! Stop by my Shoppe up at the top and check out my "Christmas in July" sale on my handmade items!
XO Fran.


Donna said...

Great job Fran! I could not figure out if was a boy or girl either. lol...I love the book....and I like the book idea. show us when you add to it.

The Altered Paper said...

Thank for joining in the Mystery Swap! I just received my envelope from my swap partner and will post a pic tomorrow.
I love the idea of Altering a Hard Cover Book, and Creating Pockets Inside! A Fantastic Idea! And the cover of this book is Gorgeous & so is Bree! Hope to see you in the next swap! lol. Many Hugs,Tee

JenW!~ said...

Love the idea of altering books and you did a wonderful job on the cover.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

What fun! You did a great job.

Jacqueline said...

That is really neat Fran! Your little challenge in your note about getting me to create has lighted a fire in me. I'm gathering goods that I need to make some polymer clay elves! I have an awesome book on "how to"...

Have you heard from our Jill...I have and let me say this...her 3:00am inspiration made my heart soar.

Happy that you and Simm are getting away and doing all those spur of the moments things. I think my Len would like Simm lots. Len had a little side buisness once called Lightening Len's and he made lamps and repaired them. Makes me think I should post on them soon for a peek.

I was able to pick up more hours today so off I go to work. Sun is out and my heart is content.

Missouri's Lilac AJ said...

Very cute book! I am happy that mystery envelope #3 I am your partner. :)