Monday, June 20, 2011


I thought this picture was so perfect for the friendship I share here on my computer blogging. I have made some of the best friends and know you will be here for me for a lifetime!!

I have been gone on vacation with Sim for nine days! We went to Lake Huron here in Michigan. It is so beautiful!! Canada is just across the water somewhere!! LOL We stayed in this rustic cabin! I love it! Even though the bathroom is a little ways from it! LOL The weather stayed really awesome for us, only alittle bit of cold and one rainy day. We got up one morning at 5:30 am to watch the sunrise! I tell you it is beautiful coming up over the lake. I'll share pics later. We had no TV and no computer. We rode our bikes and did alot of walking!! We found beach glass and lot's of pretty nature things. Seen alot of deer and farm life.

This is the view I had from my chaise lawn!! I layed in it and read my Nancy Drew book!! You can hear the waves coming in and the sound was so beautiful!! All in all this was a great vacation and now that I am home, I feel refreshed and ready to create and get my inspiration/creating room organized. I love looking at every ones creative spaces. So I thought I'd join in on the fun over at Karen's "Where Bloggers Create Party"!! It's great discipline!! LOL I will be kicking out alot more items for my Etsy Shoppe. Guess I better get rocking!!
 Love ya, Fran. XO


Theresa said...

What a wonderful vacation you and Sim had! That is my favorite kind. We love to go to Lake Michigan and do the same thing, just relax and take in the beauty of our world around us. Duane and I were just talking about it on our walk Sat. morning, it was a little cool and he said "perfect camping weather" I told him my favorite part of camping is waking up and having our coffee by the camp fire. Have fun creating! t. xoxo

Jewels said...

Welcome back Fran - how funny, reading Nancy Drew on vacation (which one did you take?). Sounds like you had a wonderful time - unfortunately I am unable to get to our place until late summer (how how wish I was retired!). Great location! said...

That sounds like a fabulous vacation. And just look at that adorable cabin. Glad you had some relaxation:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Hey Aunt Frannie!

Thanks for the emails and birthday wishes!

So glad you had a great vacation. Isn't it nice just to get away, relax, and refresh?

Jacqueline said...

Look at that little cabin, how stinkin' cute and what a fine cabin for love and romance and sweet times with Sim. I've missed you and kept checking to see if you were back. Len and I are able to go to Oregon for three days in early July and I can hardly wait.
By the way Fran, do you have all the Nancy Drew books or are you looking for any? I found the old ones in a thrift store and I can go back (my treat) if you are looking for any. Some of the titles I saw were not the common ones.
I have a small package to send you of a really neat book I think you'll love. It has country/prim craft ideas in it. I'll get it in the mail in about a week or so.

amy @ Life in Pink Hi-Tops said...

What a wonderful break from it all!