Sunday, October 3, 2010

Getting back on my feet!!! and a few more creations!!

 It feels so good to be getting back to reality after a week pretty much spent on my couch!! Here are some of my little prim and grubby dresses I make. They vary in sizes, from 5-6 inches, to 6-7 inches. I have put little grubby tags on them, labeling them for different things the little girls might to do. I put a pin apron on the chore dress. They have twig hangers tied with jute to hang them on pegs or wherever you like. I have a few more of these made up and ready to be grubbied up! I am geting in the crafting/sewing mood! On my first outing yesterday with Sim, we went and got the paint for my craft room! I am so excited!! The color is called Macaroni!! I wanted the color to be like the color of burlap. I am making little candy holders out of toilet paper rolls right now. They are turning out so cute!! I'll show them when I get them all done. The trees are so pretty here right now. I just love Fall. XO Fran.


Theresa said...

Hi Fran! It's so good to hear that you are recovering well! Your little dresses are so cute, and it sounds like you are very busy with other sweet projects. Take care, and I hope you are on your feet soon! And yes, I love Fall too! Theresa xoxo

mysteryhistorymom said...

Fran- So glad to hear that things are coming along and you are recovering, dear friend. Such a little trooper you are.:) I hope Kaitlin got a kick out of my blog post. I was sooooo hoping that I got pics of "the one"!:) Big HUgs to you! LOVE your prim and precious dresses!!! Lori

Molly said...

Hello Fran! I am glad to hear that your recovery has went well! I am in love with your prim dresses!And can't wait to see the paint color macaroni, makes me hungry ;)
~Molly P

BucksCountyFolkArt said...

Aunt Frannie!

These are so sweet and so grubby for the Fall! You picked the most fabulous colors too!

Regarding my ravens, yes, they are bigger than the ones at the dollar store (I've got them too!) The ones at Michaels are now on sale for about $3-$4 each. I'd say they're double the size. Then I got a really big one too! He's sitting in a different room though, so he's not shown in the pics.


amy said...

Macaroni colored craft walls! How cute. Can't wait to see. Your little dresses are so cute. Glad you are recovering and able to get out.

M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

Hi there,
I'm back to blog-hopping since we've recovered after the wedding. : ) Thanks for stopping by and giving moral support during my hiatus.
I hope you're feeling stronger each and every day.
Take good care,
Mary Lou

Jewels said...

Hi Fran - thanks for stopping by. I had surgery on my right hand (argh) which has curtailed some of my crafting (the really detailed stuff - but I can pull somethings off). Something about Fall that gets us all in the crafting mood I think. Love you dresses - and be sure to post pics of your room - I'm dying to see what macaroni on the wall looks like (ha,ha) Jewels

Jacqueline said...

You know I love those little dresses! When you send me one, I want to make a small clothesline in my log cabin bedroom. I want to tea dye some little old socks to or better yet find some that are old and knitted.

I smiled Fran when I read about your toilet paper rolls, hmmm...I was just planning to do the same thing! No kiddin!

It's God just winking at us with his huge love and affection for us. Expect a couple of goodies in the mail soon.