Saturday, July 10, 2010

God's beauty is everywhere!!

This is an old windmill in the thumb of Michigan. We were just driving down a back road on our vacation and seen this!! I love it! The first picture looks like a sunflower to me. It is an abandon windmill in a farmers field, just standing there by its self! It amazes me how God's beauty can be found in some of the most unsuspecting places! It's things like this that keep reminding me, that if I look around me I can see God, even in an old run down rusty windmill in a farmers field!!  XO Fran.


Genie Robinson said...

You and I need to get together and start driving on back country roads with our cameras taking pictures. We would have the BEST time...I can just tell. Thanks for the visit...we need to do this more often. You talk about prayers...I cannot tell you how many I said while I was TRYING to put back together that paycheck. God was so kind. Glad you got a kick out of the story......hugs...Genie

Sandi Butler said...

A very rustic photo! I love old windmills. We have a miniature one with rusty features, in our garden.

Amy said...

I so love your photos!

Jackie said...

Hi, waving to you from Washington! Come visit my blog when you have a minute. We are playing cards and having the time of our lives.
I had seen your pincushion charming! I love them!
Off to work today, it feels good to be back. It was amazing how God opened this door for me, when I least expected it. He loves us so much and knows just what we need.
Love to you on this Friday morning.

Olenka said...

It sure is!! wow!! BTW, I recieved the adorable baby shoe this week... LOVE IT. Thank you soo much. I blogged about it as well (((huggs)) Thank you again!