Sunday, June 20, 2010

Caylee Roxanne and our Father's Day Cookout!!!!


Papa holding Caylee Roxanne!!!!!

Aunt Kate holding Caylee outside at the cookout!!!

                                        Proud Papa with his sons!!!
We had a Father's Day cookout in our backyard!! The weather was so great and sunny!! We had a blast and loved on Caylee, of course she was the center of attention!! Ryan is the proud Daddy holding Caylee, and Nick is the one trying to be cool!! LOL It was so good to have them here and made Father's Day so special!!!! Can't wait to see her again!! She'll be 8 weeks tomorrow!!  XO Fran.


mysteryhistorymom said...

What a wonderful Father's Day, Fran! Loved seeing pictures of Caylee and your family- precious!:) Lori

Queen Bee said...

What a beautiful baby! Thank you for stopping by my studio and leaving a message. I am excited about you getting a studio of your own! It's so much fun having one.
Queen Bee Studio

Amy said...

What a super fun Father's Day. Caylee is so cute!

Jackie said...

Oh, you must feel so blessed to have your new grand baby girl! Your sons are so handsome and is that your husband? He has kindness written all over his face!
I loved seeing these helps me know you more!
I've had a wonderful night with my dogs, walking and talking and now I'm baking turnovers and waiting for Len to come home from Band of Brothers. He is a table leader there and he loves it so and it's great to see how God is bringing good friends into his life. I'm hanging out with my Band of Bloggers!