Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Bluebirds are back!!!!!!

This is so amazing! Last year we had an awesome bluebird couple nest on our front porch! We were using our back door so we wouldn't scare them away. This week I've been on the couch resting and as I've been looking out the window I've been watching the birds. My husband set up a couple of birdfeeders for me to watch. As the week has gone on I've watched the bluebirds coming and going. They have picked a different birdhouse this time that I have outside. I have many rustic birdhouses. The funny thing about the houses they have picked out both times, I have found in the trash and have had them for years!! This time the birdhouse is in front of the house near the front deck. We don't use that porch but I do container garden on that porch! and I still need to plant!  I love the birds and they are such great gifts from God!  XO


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

He's so pretty! I've never seen one of those up close. Thanks for sharing it!

Jacqueline said...

Bluebirds...I was a Bluebird when I was in Campfire Girls! I still have my Bluebird Pin! When I did my give away in January for Queens in Training we had bluebirds on the train. You may want to go back and click on that story...If you like blue birds you'll love it.
Here's to you my dear friend...keeper of the happy and live like there is no tomorrow. I hope to meet you someday but if not, we'll have eternal life together. What a thought!

Amy said...

What beautiful bluebirds! We have lots of birds here in our yard, but no bluebirds :(
We've been watching our hummingbird--who is mad at me now because his feeder is empty. I think he was tapping at the window at me this morning!